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Letting and encouraging your children to navigate their relationship with each other could be the greatest gift you give them!


5/7/2015 -- Five Tips To Teach Children The Love Of Reading
All three of my girls love to read and they have for as long as I can remember. When I’m talking to others about how much they love to read, I always tell the story of when my oldest was four years old.

My Pirate Adventure Giveaway!
My Pirate Adventure Giveaway!

The Gift of a Child's Name
Name recognition offers children a sense of self-awareness and identity. Even as a baby, children become aware of who they are by name over time. And they continue to grow into recognizing that through the consistent use of their name and learning to spell and read it as their own.

PHOTO CONTEST and NEW! What Big Brothers and Sisters Do Best!
In celebration of National Siblings Day, personalized bookseller releases two charming new titles: "What Big Brother Does Best" and "What Big Sister Does Best"

How To Make Reading Fun For Your Kids
Reading is a lifelong skill that a lot of us take for granted. But for some kids, it’s a daily struggle.


Celebrate Easter and Reading with An I See Me Book
Recognize the importance of reading for your child and to have a special gift for your Easter basket.

Read More Fairy Tales! Giveaway

"Who Loves You Baby" Giveaway
Who Loves You Baby Giveaway

"GOODNIGHT" prize package from I See Me! and Little Me
"GOODNIGHT" prize package from I See Me! and Little Me


Get Your Smile Ready!
Get Your Smile Ready! Post a photo of your child (or yourself) smiling- and a caption about the good deed they did- using the hashtag #ShareYourSmile!

Reading Is Magical Sweepstakes!

Speed Into Reading Giveaway!!
Speed into Reading! 5 WINNERS! Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver, a personalized storybook developed by our friends at Chronicle Books that is a surefire way to fuel young imaginations! ENTER HERE!!

A Day in the Life of a Princess Photo Contest!
Announcing "A Princess for a Day Photo Contest" for I See Me! fans!

It Feels Great To Give Back!
10% of sales donated to CCRF!

NEW!! "Princess: A Day in the Life of a Princess"
NEW!! "Princess: A Day in the Life of a Princess"

Learning Through Books
With many children starting school in the next few weeks, and some who have already had their first day back, it's no surprise that nerves and excitement are at the ultimate highest in every mother's heart. i. Read more...

Celebrate Your Big Kid!
Celebrate Your Big Kid with I See Me!

Summer Reading Sweepstakes
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Our Reading Traditions
One of the most valuable gifts you can ever give to your children is reading to them at an early age.

NEW! I'm a Big Kid Now! Personalized Book
It’s true what they say: children grow up fast. In the blink of an eye, millions of parents witness their cuddly little babies transforming into curious and active toddlers. With this onset of toddlerdom” comes increased independence and a world of wonderful new milestones, such as potty training and transitioning from a crib to a bed. The milestones are precious, but also prove to have their challenges and frustrations for both the parents and toddlers along the way. At I See Me!, we're giving parents and toddlers a helping hand in making the transition from baby to big kid with our new personalized storybooks, I’m a Big Boy Now! and I’m a Big Girl Now!. These adorable personalized storybooks celebrate toddlers for becoming big kids” and doing big kid” things, such as going on the potty, sleeping in a big kid” bed, getting dressed, saying please” and thank you”, brushing teeth, trying new foods at dinner time, and more. According to our founder, Maia Haag, The books increase self-esteem by encouraging young children that they CAN DO IT…. and they emphasize how great the child will feel when he or she learns to do big kid’ things.” When ordering, you can

Summer Reading Sweepstakes
Enter to WIN in our Summer Reading Sweepstakes!!

Celebrate the uniqueness in each child!
Our mission at I See Me! is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of our books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills. Each child is different..Each child is unique! Celebrate that!

WIN!! Personalized Coloring/Activity Book
Ten (10) winners have the chance to win one coloring book! Good Luck! ENTER HERE a Rafflecopter giveaway

Using Teachable Moments while exploring our World.
We recently received the book My Very Own World Adventure from and instantly fell in love.

“My Very Own World Adventure” Personalized Book for Kids
I was sent a lovely multicultural, personalized book for kids to review, and had no idea how much I would love it! “My Very Own World Adventure,” written by Maia Haag, is the most unique book I’ve seen for kids! Read more...

Enter to Win!
Our latest Facebook giveaway is now open!! Five winners will be chosen to win one copy of our latest title.."I'm an All-Star!" ENTER HERE!!

Personalized products are meaningful for anyone, but I think they are extra special for a child who is just learning the power of letters and words.

Sharing a love of books with your child.
Our friend Valerie at Motherhood in Progress recently reviewed our 'My Snuggle Bunny' book. We just love what she had to say about the importance of reading to children from birth! Read more...

Raising A Reader Sweepstakes

More pins to love!
Get some "pinspiration" from our new 'pinnables'!

Small Business Success Story
This creator of personalized books for kids is as much tech company as publisher.

5 Ways to Connect with Kids Starting School
My oldest son starts school soon and I’ve been feeling a range of emotions.

Ways to say "I Love You!"
There are so many ways to say 'I Love You!". "Te Amo", "Je T’aime"

Add your child's photo to their very own personalized book!
We have taken personalization to a whole new level. Now you can add a photo of your child to several of our titles!!

EASY New Year's Resolution: Take a break and read!!
EASY New Year's Resolution: Take a break and read!!

A Personalized book gets kids even more excited about reading!
In my librarian opinion personalized books are the best gift you can give a kid. Read more...

Cyber Monday Savings!!
Save with your purchase at I See Me!

Goodnight Little Me! Giveaway
Win 1 of 25 SIGNED copies of Goodnight Little Me!

The Whole Idea is Brilliant!
Kids love to see pictures of themselves and to hear the stories that go with them. Read more...

Sticker Name Recognition Activity and Personalized Books for Kids
George is just beginning to learn the letters of his name, and recognizing it [besides just a 'G']. I have got to share with you these books that my boys received from our sponsor, I See Me!, that are helping a ton! George got The Very Important Preschooler, even though he’s not technically in preschool yet, he goes to daycare two morning a week, and to him, its school. He wants to be in school so bad now that Henry’s in kindergarten all day, every day. Read more...

5 Days. 25 Winners. Get ready to Blast Off with I See Me!
Help us celebrate our newest release, “1-2-3 Blast Off With Me!”, through giveaways and fun "blast off" themed posts that celebrate and feature the book. 25 CHANCES TO WIN!!Read more...

A Strong Start for Your Preschooler
Starting preschool is a big step for a young child. And it’s one that’s often surrounded by a lot of emotions. Excitement, jubilation, anxiety, fear — and that’s just the parents’ emotions!


Getting Organized for Back to School
I hate to say the words that mark the end of Summer, but we need to talk about it. Back to school. Yes, that was as painful to write as I imagined. I love everything about Summer holidays, those carefree days spent playing and relaxing in the sun. I term July and August, ‘the months of the un-schedule’, a time when you can hopefully live on the wild side and take each day as it comes.


Putting Together a Last Minute Children's Birthday Party
Styling a memorable birthday party for your kids involves a huge amount of preparation, often months in advance. So what do you do when you're pushed for time? Well, this post will give you some quick and easy ideas to helping you pull off a fun, creative and unique party in a jiffy – perfect for those last minute celebrations!


Tips for Engaging Kids Over Summer Break
Looking for some tips for engaging kids over summer break? Calley Pete, The Eco Chic, chimes in with some creative and fun ideas! Read more...

A Shared Love of Books
I have two sons, three and five years old. The younger one, Arlo, is ultra kinetic and mischievous, and the elder, Silas, a fun, though much calmer, empathic type. It’s not their age difference that sets them apart; it’s their temperament.


Vacation Experiences that Kids Remember
International Children’s Day promotes education and well being for children around the world. It’s a day to talk to your kids about what life is like in other countries and show them how we are different yet all alike too.


Literacy Unlocks the Door...
“Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout the life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship.” -Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations


Read Aloud 15 Minutes
Parenting in the modern age can mean navigating a swamp of anxieties. How can I build his vocabulary? When will he read? Am I doing the right things to prepare him for school? Is she behind the other kids? Familiar worries. Difficult questions. Thankfully, there is at least one right answer: Read Aloud 15 MINUTES. Every child. Every parent. Every day.


How to Style a Fairy Tale Party
Creating a beautiful party, whatever the theme, requires careful planning and resourceful creativity. Even if pushed for time, research is key to helping you put together a harmonious look, and a little creative flair can help you transform any celebration into an enchanting and unforgettable event.


Tips for Making Your Stay-cation an Adventure
Sometimes the best vacations are those vacations where you don’t leave town; a stay-cation. Stay-cations can be very economical but they don’t have to be spent sitting around the house listening to the kids complain about being bored. For your next vacation here are some tips to make your stay-cation an adventure.


Have You Heard About Macaroni Kid?
Have you heard about Macaroni Kid? Macaroni Kid is a free resource where moms discover events and activities for kids and families in their communities. No more combing different websites and magazines to find out what’s going on in your own town.


Tips to Teach Your Child about World Cultures
Looking for a way to show your child that the world is larger than the circumference around your home, your school and the grocery store?


Tips for Preparing Kids for an International Vacation
Nothing beats a well-planned vacation when you are traveling with kids, and preparing them for an international destination requires just a few extra steps. My family’s first overseas vacation was a three week road trip in France when my kids were 5 and 7. Pre-trip preparation is key to getting the vacation off to a good start.


Baby Showers Bring May Flowers... Book Style!
Once upon a time a new baby was on its way. So, in a land far far away a baby shower was planned, where stories were told about the soon-to-be bundle of joy, the guests celebrated with books and gifts during this storybook themed baby shower.


A Special Package in the Mail...
Kids love getting mail, a package is even better. My son, Lucca got a special package in the mail, a book, but not just any book, a book with his name in the title. The title on the book read "A-B-C What Lucca Can Be!".


3/6/13- More Than Your Average Mom
Every Sunday we make a point of taking the kids to the library. It's a great way to wind down the weekend, and the kids really enjoy their time wandering the children's section picking out books to read. Not gonna lie, I had no idea the kids had such an interest in books until we made this a weekly ritual.


3/4/13- Snuggle Bunny Cupcakes!
Easter is always a fun holiday. Not only does it come at the end of winter as spring is promising flowers and green grass, but it is free from the pressures of perfection. All you need is a good meal with family, a few brightly colored eggs, and perhaps the promise of a soft bunny friend to make the day complete.


2/22/13- Who's Your Snuggle Bunny?
As I wrote our new personalized book My Snuggle Bunny, I was thinking about the powerful emotional connection between a parent and his or her child. As a parent myself of three kids, I have heard from our kids how much they love the simple moments throughout the day...


2/15/2013- 7 Ways to Increase Your Child's Self-Confidence
Does your child constantly demand and need your undivided attention? You are the most important person in your young child's life. But building self-esteem can earn you some down time and help carry children through the difficult teen years and beyond. Here are some easy ways to foster confidence in young children.


2/08/13- Fun and Easy Ways to Share Love with Your Child
When I think back on my childhood, especially to those moments when I felt especially loved by my parents, I realize that they weren’t memorable because my parents had bought me a toy or other item I wanted. Rather, I felt most loved when my parents really spent quality time with me...


2/2/2013- Truly Engaging with Your Child
Kids know when we’re not mentally present. That vacant look they give us when we’re looking at our phone while doing a puzzle with them; that’s our wake-up call to focus, drop all the adult distractions—bill paying, ...


1/20/13- Many Ways to Say "I Love You"
There are many ways to say "I love you” to the children and people in your life. From actually forming the words with your mouth, to embracing in a physical hug, with gifts, and simply through your everyday actions.


1/14/2013- 5 Ways to Get Your Child Reading
Before I could read, I read. Through my mom's eyes and voice I read and read and read. For a good chunk of young childhood, my favorite book was Eric Carle's beautiful classic, The Hungry Caterpillar. "Just one more time, mommy? Please?" I'd beg as she closed the back cover and I was nowhere ready for sleep. I was as hungry for words and stories as that red-faced caterpillar was for, well, everything.

Read More

1/2/2013- Top Baby Boy and Girl Names of 2012
Parents spend hours, days, weeks (or let’s face it, months!) picking out the perfect name for their baby. At I See Me!, we produce tens of thousands of My Very Own Name storybooks each year, in which animals spell out the letters of the baby’s name that parents have just spent so much time selecting.


12/10/12- Getting Creative with Names!
Do you ever notice that kids are more interested in learning when the method of teaching is more creative? If my daughter had her way, everyday would be arts & crafts and if you converted math, science and history into a fun craft, she’d be all for it and would never get bored.

When it comes to learning her name, how to spell it and what directions the letters should actually go, I was thankful to have found something that she loved.


12/04/2012- Meet Caiah, Cancer Survivor
We wanted to share this guest post from Jim Leighton, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Children's Cancer Research Fund. It warms our hearts to know that, by ordering books this year, our I See Me! customers have helped raise research dollars to support CCRF and children’s cancer patients like Caiah.


11/29/2012- How To Put On A Very Merry Christmas For Your Child!
When I think back to my childhood, some of the best memories I have are of the Christmas traditions my family celebrated. From the types of food we ate to decorating the tree in matching pajamas, the celebrations we brought from year to year are those that have a special place in my heart. Now having my own children, I know that the things they will look back on with fondness in their hearts are the traditions we share together.


11/19/2012 - Helping Our Children to Rediscover Imaginative Play
It seems to me that kids today are losing the desire to play. I remember spending hours with my friends as a child, playing “pretend games.” We would imagine we were a “girl group” of singers. We’d put an act together, sing along with the greatest hits on our record player, and design our own costumes. Then we’d put on a show for our parents! Or we’d play school, with one of us taking on the role of the teacher who would find all kinds of fun things for her “students” to do. We’d create detailed lesson plans and worksheets for each other. If we weren’t playing school, we’d play “house.” We’d do our nails and make-up and dress up for dates with imaginary boyfriends, get married, and have pretend babies!


11/13/2012 - How to Build a Book Nook With Your Special Children’s Books
Hi! I'm Sue Erneta from Sue at Home and I'm thrilled to be here at I See Me! for a guest post about decorating with books. When my daughter Lily was born, a friend gave us the I See Me! classic, “My Very Own Fairy Tale” and we've been enjoying it ever since.

(In fact, big sister Sophia loved it so much that we got one with her name, too!) I was thrilled to see how many more books I See Me! offers now -- including many with Lily's name on the cover (which she LOVES!). So, I figured I had to find a way to display them better.


11/9/2012 - “A-B-C: What Can You Be?” Photo Contest Entries Are In!
As a way to celebrate I See Me!’s latest title, “A-B-C: What I Can Be!” and to engage with our amazing Facebook community, we recently held a photo contest encouraging fans and followers to talk to their kids about what they want to be when they grow up. Entrants were asked to upload a photo of their child (or child in their life) with a caption that finished the sentence, “When I grow up, I want to be________.”


11/8/2012 - 11 Reasons Books Make the Best Gifts
When you become an aunt, uncle, or grandparent, whether you like it or not, you’ve signed up for a life-long contract of gift giving.

Parents of course have it the worst, because not only do they have to buy hundreds of presents for birthdays and holidays for their own children and relatives, they’ve got to shop for years and years worth of their children’s classmates’ birthday parties.

It can get expensive and repetitive. After several trips down the toy aisle at your local Walmart, you’ll likely start saying, “They’ve got too many of those… and those…” But there’s one gift category that never runs dry… BOOKS! Books are the ideal gift for anyone of any age.