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My Very Own Name Gift Set

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  • My Very Own Name Gift Set

My Very Own Name Gift Set

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The Gift Set includes the My Very Own® Name Personalized Storybook, a beautiful gift box that also serves as a book jacket, and a t-shirt embroidered with the letter of your choice from A to Z. Sitting on top of it all is Kirby the Frog, who is as cute as they come. It's irresistible!

In the personalized storybook My Very Own Name, animals bring letters one by one to create the first and last names of your child. Take the virtual book tour and read what customers are saying. This storybook is made in the USA. Maximum 15 characters for the first name, 15 characters for the middle name, and another 15 characters for the last name.

Your child will be delighted to find that the animal on the t-shirt matches one of the illustrations in his or her My Very Own Name Storybook.

Gender and ages:Boys and girls ages 0-12
Book size:8.5" x 11"
Number of pages:Approximately 30 pages, depending on the length of the name
T-Shirt size:0 to Youth Large
Awards:iParenting, Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine and HomeSchool.com

All letters (Blue and Yellow) 0-6 months are out of stock.

All letters (Blue and Yellow) 6-12 months are out of stock.

The following t-shirts are out of stock:

"A"--out through 3T; available 4T and larger
"C"--out through 3T; available 4T and larger
"D"--out through 2T; available 3T and larger
"E"--out of Youth Small
"G"--out of Youth Small
"J"--out of blue and yellow through Youth Small;
"K"--out of Youth Small
"M"--out of all colors through Youth Small
"N"--out of Youth Small
"R"--out through 2T; available 3T and larger
"S"--out of all colors through 4T; available 5T and larger

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order Expedited delivery: Not available on this item Air delivery: Not available on this item Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

iParenting AwardMom's Choice AwardCreative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" AwardBenjamin Franklin Award

Customer Reviews

My Very Own Name
Review by Emilia Marino
I ordered the gift set with Kermit the Frog and a Tee Shirt of My Very Own Name for my newest grandson. My other grandson out in Oregon already had the same book so I knew the quality of the book. Very disappointed in the fact that you no longer had the tee shirt with this gift set, Otherwise a great book.
Pay extra for the middle name!
Review by Roberta Salas
I paid extra for the middle name and it was so worth it. The book used so many awesome animals and the glossary at the end was very informative. Great purchase!
Great Gift
Review by Lauren
This was one of my favorite gifts recieved for my son's 1st birthday. Both mommy and the birthday boy loved it. He's now four and still loves to hear the "My Very Own Name" story. I'm now a regular gifter of this awesome book to my friends' little ones.
Review by Donna Burk
I purchased the book for my granddaughter. The quality of the book is exceptional. It is a book that will last for years. I enjoy seeing her full name with the animals and the glossary at the end. I will definitely make future purchases.
Review by Regina King
My books arrived on Christmas Eve. I was so worried I wouldn't get them for Christmas. They were for my grand kids. Everyone loved them. Thanks! By the way, I will be placing another order.
Exceptional Quality
Review by Ashlyn C.
The quality of the book is exceptional, in par with any new storybook you would find at a bookstore. On the front page inside the book is a dedication to Baby M from "Mom and Dad" with love that adds a sweet personalized touch. The neatest part of the book is the personalized storyline though. A bunch of animals come together and spell out his first and then his last name, letter by letter. I think Baby M is going to love this as he learns to spell his name. It's so neat to see his name in print like that and I'm pretty sure he will think it's the coolest thing ever.
My very own name
Review by Lisbe Lema
My grandson enjoy very much. The book was very special gift for him. Thank you so much. You make his reading very special
My Very Own Name
Review by Susan Knight
I purchased two books for my twin grandsons.

They arrived quickly and are perfect!!

Very pleased with quality and vivid colors.

Will purchase again.
My very own name
Review by Heather
Loved the book. It is so cute and I know my nephew will love it. I think the shirt sizes run small but the book is amazing.
my own name story book& gift set.
Review by wenonh roberts,
Review by Pamela
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book! And more importantly, my grandson loved it! I will definitely be ordering from you again and again!
Books are great
Review by Theresa
I'd give a five but I had a problem with the service. My order was delayed because they were out of stock on the t-shirt but no one contacted me to let me know and it took several calls to settle it. They did make it right and expedited the book but it was a little frustrating. I'm looking forward to more types of books and the addition of more animals and fairies so they don't have to repeat the animal if the name has more than two of one letter. But I do love the book. It makes a special gift!
3-weeks to ship & still no T-Shirt
Review by Paul
I've ordered I See Me books before & they are well received. For this order I tried to get the gift set that included the stuffed animal & t-shirt. Almost Three weeks later I get a call indicating that the size of t-shirt I want is not available & will NEVER be available, so I can either get 0-6 months or 4T... a bit of a disparity there. To their credit, they offered a refund on the shirt, but no other apology or 'perk' offered for inconvenience.

*I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your disappointment. All of the T-shirt sizes and colors we have in stock are listed in the description tab. Please reference what is listed there when ordering this product. We are getting low on t-shirt inventory, so we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Perfect First Book for Baby and Parents
Review by Crystal
The quality and everything is perfect. The story is great for parents to read to there little ones about there names and what it means. I love giving these books as a gift after a little one is born to someone that I love. The look on the parents face when they look at the book and read it for the first time is so great. It is something that they will have forever and will mean a lot to them it a gift that mean a lot. I love how the child can use the book to learn how to spell there name it is just so special to me to know that not ever child has a book like that

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Maia Haag Author: Maia Haag
Maia Haag, Author and CEO of I See Me! Inc., loved to write as a child and would create crayon-illustrated, yarn-bound stories to give to her parents as Christmas gifts. Maia continued her passion for writing as an English major at Princeton, and her personalized storybook books have been granted the iParenting Award, Family Choice Award, Mom�s Choice Award, and Benjamin Franklin Award. Maia has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers including People, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur magazine and The Chicago Sun-Times, and she has appeared on over 35 television news shows around the country. She has sold more than half a million copies of her I See Me! personalized books.
Mark Mille Illustrator: Mark Mille
The career path of artist/photographer Mark Mille was set when, as a child, he first smelled oil paints and kneaded erasers. From a childhood of painting still lifes at his parents' kitchen table, his career later found him producing illustrations for major national clients, teaching illustration and creating original oil and pastel paintings. His award-winning work is now held in private, corporate and museum collections across the country and abroad.