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A child named Kitami is presenting a wooden pot (ekyanzi) of milk as a gift from Uganda. Below, the artist Taga Nuwagaba from Uganda describes this illustration found in the personalized storybook My Very Own® World Adventure.
“The painting depicts a young girl offering a wooden pot (Ekyanzi) of milk to someone dear to her. She is wearing special attire known as omunagiro, popular among girls in Western Uganda. A pot of milk is a special treat given to respectable visitors as refreshment after a long journey usually on foot to come and visit relatives or friends. It is not just about the milk or even the pot in which it is served but the love and hospitality behind the act. Although it is made out of wood, it has no joinery anywhere. It is curved by skilled sculptors using special gorges and the technique was introduced by the Chwezi people who ruled Uganda and the surrounding countries about two thousand years ago.

“The milk in this special pot is prepared before a visitor is served using sweet-smelling herbs to give it great flavour. The background bears the Chwezi or Ankole cows, which is a scene unique to Uganda. Such scene represents wealth because a cow in this part of the world is a source of great wealth and power in many civil communities. Such a girl would bear a name such as Kabibi.”

Illustration Information
Illustrator Taga Nuwagaba
Medium: Watercolour and oil
Child’s Name in the Illustration: Kitami
Gift Presented by the Child: Wooden pot (Ekyanzi) of milk
Found in the Personalized Book My Very Own World Adventure