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October 2016

Why Puzzles Are Important for Fine Motor Skills Develop…

Cognitive activities for toddlers encourage logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills development, and more. Puzzles can play a significant role in developing these skills, as even a simple jigsaw puzzle engages a child on multiple levels. Personalized puzzles help children learn the letters of their name and introduce beginning

How to Improve Reading Habits

Developing reading skills is a vital part of any child’s learning, and one which can have long lasting effects. A life-long love of reading is associated with a love of learning, creativity, and imagination. Learning how to improve reading habits helps parents ensure that their children experience the special joy

How to Make Studying Fun

With the start of school comes homework and studying—activities many kids find stressful, frustrating, or just plain boring. Homework doesn’t have to be a negative experience, however. Try some of the following tips and learn how to make studying fun. Start with Excitement Parents sometimes sabotage themselves when children start

Controlling Halloween Candy Consumption

Halloween is a major celebration if you’re a kid. You get to dress up in costume and go out in public, roaming the neighborhood or local shopping center asking for treats. Sometimes it’s a little scary, but the brave kid knows the house with all the spooky decorations is also

5 Custom Halloween Bags

Plastic Halloween jack-o-lantern treat buckets may get the trick-or-treating job done on October 31st, but they’re hardly the most imaginative candy containers. Instead, why not give your little one a Halloween bag that stands out from the crowd? We’ve got five suggestions for unique, fun, and slightly spooky custom Halloween

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween’s coming up fast, and the stores are filling with pre-made children’s costumes. You’ve got zombies, ghouls, and monsters to pick from—choices which many parents understandably shy away from. You’ve also got an abundance of outfits based on whatever Hollywood franchise is hot this year, whether or not it’s appropriate

How to Make a Family Cookbook

Food is at the center of many family traditions, whether it’s a fourth of July BBQ, a religious holiday, or a birthday. Most families have a set of favorite recipes they make again and again which bring up memories of childhood and special moments. A family cookbook captures these movements,

5 Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Choosing gifts for a newborn baby can be both fun and challenging. Do you go for the lovely plush toy or much-needed clothing? Is a practical gift best, or would a timeless keepsake be more appropriate? Our advice? Don’t stress about it. As long as it’s a thoughtful gift parents