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November 2016

Establishing Bedtime Routines for Toddlers

Getting children to bed sometimes feels like a marathon. Just one more story, one more glass of water, one more trip to the bathroom—it’s almost as if kids don’t want to, you know, go to bed!   It doesn’t need to be this way. Establishing bedtime routines for toddlers helps

5 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

If you’ve got a child in preschool or elementary, it’s likely they’re coming home before Thanksgiving with a handprint painted to look like a turkey. Handprint turkeys are, let’s be honest, as much a part of the season as pumpkin spice and turkey stuffing. Much-loved though the hand-turkey is, surely

5 Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is more fun when you work together as a family—and offers opportunity to teach children some basic cooking skills. How much your children can help depends on their age, of course, but here are five kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes most children can participate in making.   Bacon Smokies

Teaching Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Trapped between the candy-filled excitement of Halloween and the magic of the winter holidays, Thanksgiving doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from children. And that’s a shame, because Thanksgiving is one of the most important days in American culture. Fortunately, teaching children the meaning of Thanksgiving isn’t difficult, and

How to Teach the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet is the first step in a child’s journey towards literacy—and the wonders hidden in books. How to teach the alphabet, however, isn’t something that comes naturally. If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve got a list of helpful, alphabet-friendly strategies to help your little one learn her ABCs.

Lunchbox Notes for Kids

School can sometimes be tough. Kids are learning and meeting new challenges—both in the classroom and on the playground. Slipping a fun note into his lunchbox can turn a bad day around, or just remind your child he’s loved. We’ve come up ideas for fun lunchbox notes for kids.