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February 2017

Rice Crispy Treats Recipes to Make with Kids

Rice Crispy squares are an American tradition and a sticky staple of childhood. Many of us first learned to cook mixing Rice Krispies into a gooey mix of butter and melted marshmallows, waiting impatiently for the squares to cool so parents could cut them into squares—and then, ah, heaven!  

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Brother or Sister

Children can react with very different emotions when they learn they’re about to be an older sibling. For every excited kid yelling “I’m a big sister!” to everyone she meets, there’s a quiet child who’s scared the new baby will replace him, or a jealous older sibling who’s acting out.

Using Books to Introduce Kids to a New Language

Teach a child a second language and you give them a lifelong gift. Being bilingual offers a host of advantages over those of us who stumble along speaking only one language, including more opportunities when traveling, jobs that would otherwise be off-limits, and relationships that, without that second language, might

How Books Increase the Self-Esteem of Children of All C…

It’s very easy to assume we all face the same challenges as parents, but this isn’t the case. Consider, for the moment, that all-important question, how to increase your child’s self-esteem? Creating a positive sense of self is important to any child, but some parents face more of a challenge

Why Parents Should Spoil Kids—with Books

Saying no and setting limits is one of the most important things we do as parents. No parent wants to be accused of spoiling their child. For every rule, however, there is an exception. In this case, it’s books. Spoiling a child with books is the one of those situations

DIY Princess Party

Your little girl deserves to be treated like royalty on her birthday, so why not make her dreams come true with a DIY princess party? With a little imagination and some sparkles, you can create a princess-themed party she’ll remember for a lifetime.   Royal Invitations Before any coronation, royal

Why Reading Out Loud to Kids Relieves Stress

Reading out loud to kids doesn’t just improve their emerging literacy skills and fuel their imaginations. Reading together is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety—for parents and children alike. Books: The Ultimate Stressbuster Just how effective is reading at relieving stress? According to a study from the