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5 year old birthday

5-Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Five-year-olds are bundles of energy, especially as their birthday’s approach. At five, your child wants to be involved in everything—including planning and preparing for her party. Let her help choose a theme, balloons, and other party details: she’ll love it. Birthdays, of course, require gifts. Five-year-olds are old enough to express special interests, and you can’t go wrong with gifts reflecting those interests. At the same time, five-year-olds are still exploring the world and themselves,

easter egg

Easter Egg Crafts & Decorating Ideas

Kids love helping with Easter decorating, whether they’re making Easter crafts or dying a dozen bright and cheerful eggs. We’ve come up with some fun and easy Easter crafts for kids we think you’ll love, including an easy way to decorate Easter eggs for the whole family! Why do you decorate eggs for Easter? Eggs represent new life, making them appropriate as symbols of Jesus’s resurrection and springtime. People have been making Easter egg crafts

four leaf clovers

St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids

Match 17th is St. Patrick’s Day—an event celebrated with parades, shamrocks, and green, well, pretty much green everything. Get your kids into the spirit of the Emerald Isle with these fun St. Patrick’s Day games for kids.

easter ducks

The History of Easter

Easter is the most important event in the Christian calendar, arguably even more important than Christmas. If you’re Christian, your children will probably have plenty of questions about the holiday. Here’s some of the most common questions you’ll hear, with suggestions on how to satisfy your child’s curiosity and educate them about the most important event in Christendom.

Easter Basket

Easter Gift Guide: 10 Easter Gift Ideas

Easter gifts for kids don’t have to be limited to chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and cheap plastic toys packaged in store-bought Easter egg baskets—your kids deserve so much more. With that in mind, I See Me! has put together a set of unique Easter baskets, filled with personalized Easter gift ideas to show children they’re special and loved.

Spring Break Activities for Kids: Ideas for the Whole Family

What is Spring Break? Spring break is a week-long vacation for students, usually held close to Easter. While often associated with university and college students, students from elementary to high school also get to enjoy spring break. It’s not always easy to come up with activities for kids during spring break. A week off is a long time to fill, especially if you want children’s activities that promote learning. We’ve gathered a few spring break

Starting a Kids’ Book Club

A kids’ book club is great for children of all reading levels, whether they’re avid readers or need a little encouragement to keep them interested in books. If you can’t find a children’s book club at your local library or school, it’s easy enough to create your own. Often organizing a kids’ book club is as easy as adding some reading time to your existing playdates. We’ve got some suggestions to help you and your

The History of Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day occurs on the fourteenth of February. Originally a Catholic saint’s day, Valentine’s Day evolved over the years. Today it’s a day devoted to love and romance. Every year, millions of people across the globe exchange Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, and roses. Restaurants fill with couples old and young, and love, as they say, is in the air. The history of Valentine’s Day is both fascinating and sometimes frustratingly vague.

valentines crafts

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas: How to Make a Valentine

Every year the big stores stock up on cheap kids’ Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, all of which miss the point of the day. Valentine’s Day is about personal expressions of love. We’d rather get a uniquely personalized gift over a generic card any day (as you might easily guess given the nature of our website). With that in mind, here’s three Valentine’s Day craft ideas we’re sure you and your kids will love making.