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Hot Chocolate Toppings for Kids

One of the great joys in life—according to I See Me staff at least—is the moment just before taking that first creamy sip of a mug of steaming hot chocolate. You’ve been playing outside, and your fingers are still cold as they wrap around the mug. You breath in the warm aroma rising from under the dollop of slowly melting marshmallows, then take your first sip. Ah, perfection!   If we’ve got a complaint about

Help Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions help parents teach children how to make changes in their lives and pursue positive goals. To make any new year’s resolution for kids enjoyable and rewarding, however, you need to plan a little. The results are well worth the effort, so next when January 1st rolls around, grab some pencils and paper and help your child create her own resolutions with these practical tips.   Be a Role Model Before you encourage

Easy Number Games for Kids

Learning to count to ten is an important skill for any child, and forms the foundation for basic math, telling time, reading calendar dates, and much more. Playing fun learning numbers games helps teach children this important skill—even if they don’t realize they’re being taught. Counting to Ten Games Even the greatest mathematicians began by learning to count to ten, and they may well have learned with the same games you use to teach your

How to Teach the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet is the first step in a child’s journey towards literacy—and the wonders hidden in books. How to teach the alphabet, however, isn’t something that comes naturally. If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve got a list of helpful, alphabet-friendly strategies to help your little one learn her ABCs.   Read The more you read to your child, the more she’s exposed to the ABCs. Any storybook helps with letter recognition, but books dedicated

How to Improve Reading Habits

Developing reading skills is a vital part of any child’s learning, and one which can have long lasting effects. A life-long love of reading is associated with a love of learning, creativity, and imagination. Learning how to improve reading habits helps parents ensure that their children experience the special joy of getting lost in a good book. Make Reading Fun If we were told we could only give one answer to the question “how to

How to Make Studying Fun

With the start of school comes homework and studying—activities many kids find stressful, frustrating, or just plain boring. Homework doesn’t have to be a negative experience, however. Try some of the following tips and learn how to make studying fun. Start with Excitement Parents sometimes sabotage themselves when children start studying—it’s easy to remember our own adverse experiences with homework and assume our children will react in similar ways. If kids pick up on this

Benefits of Playing Music for Kids

Music comes naturally to humans. From a very young age we respond positively to songs and rhythms. You can see it in the child sung to sleep with a lullaby, or the toddler rocking back and forth in time to a nursery rhyme. As it turns out, the benefits of playing music to children are far-reaching. Here’s a few reasons why you should put on some tunes and rock out with the kids. Music Encourages

5 Flower Girl Gift Ideas

Your wedding’s flower girl might be a serious-minded nine-year-old, pleased to be considered mature enough to be included in the wedding party. Or perhaps she’s a two-year-old, guided down the aisle by a bridesmaid. Either way, you’ll want to commemorate her role in your wedding with an appropriate gift. We’ve assembled five flower gift ideas to help you show how much you appreciate your “petal patrol.” A Shadowbox of Wedding Remembrances This is a great

Personalized School Supplies for Kids

It’s a day that’s been coming since birth: your child’s first day of school. This is a symbolic rite of passage—only big kids go to school, after all—and your child may be excited, scared, or both. You might feel the same way. Basic Supplies Whether your little scholar is heading for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or Grade One, he or she is going to need school supplies. The school should have a list of items you’ll need,

Promoting Acts of Kindness for Kids

As parents, we want our kids to be happy. We also want them to be kind, grateful, and helpful. Fortunately, happiness and caring go hand-in-hand—in fact, the more people help others the happier they become. That isn’t just fanciful idealism—scientists have discovered helping others activates the brain’s reward system. Our brains, in other words, are wired to help each other. With that in mind, it’s important to encourage acts of kindness for kids. Here are