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Personalized Children’s Books

Top Animal Themed Gifts for Kids

Does your son or daughter love animals? That’s almost a silly question—animals and children are a natural pairing. It’s hard to imagine a child who isn’t excited to meet a kitten, pet a friendly dog, or take a trip to the zoo. Gifts for kids who love animals are easy to come by—cuddly toys are a constant favorite. If you want to surprise your young zoo keeper or farmhand with something different, however, we’ve got

Top Children’s Names in I See Me!’s Personalized Books and Products

Giving a personalized storybook to a special child in your life is one of the most exciting and treasured gifts you can give. That’s why our thousands of customers come back time and time again not only to purchase books for their children, but also to purchase personalized books and gifts for their nieces, nephews, and other special children in their lives. Each book we create is personalized with the child’s name (and sometimes photo)

5 Tips to Help Foster Your Child’s Love of Reading

There is nothing more satisfying to a parent than seeing your child’s nose in a book. Reading helps children academically,enhances their curiosity for learning and builds their knowledge regarding a host of topics. If you want to help foster your child’s love of reading, consider these five tips from Maia Haag, the founder of I See Me! 1. Keep Books Close Keeping books within an arm’s reach at all times will help remind you and