What if the child's name has more letters than the maximum allowed in the book?

Yes, our books work wonderfully for adopted children. Maia and Allan Haag, creators of I See Me! Personalised Books are adoptive parents themselves, and they met with other adoptive parents to ensure that each would work for adopted children. The books talk about the day when the child "arrived", rather than was born. This enables you to decide whether you want to include the child's actual date of birth, or the date when the child arrived in the family. Many families provide the date when the child arrived into the family. Our "My Very Own" books can be used as an educational tool to explain to the child how he or she was named by the family.

Below are testimonials from customers who ordered My Very Own Name® for an adopted child:

"Our daughter is from China and she is just amazing. I am going to mention your books to the families we went to China with because so many of the books specifically about adoption are really corny. Yours open up dialog in a subtle and natural way by talking about the arrival of the baby, rather than the birth. This makes it another way for us to talk about adoption with her." Elizabeth V, Beverly Hills, CA

"The adoption community loves these books! Thanks for such high quality books for our kids!" Grace A, Pottstown, PA

Are the animals, fairies or sea creatures used in the My Very Own® books ever repeated?

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