If My Dog Could Talk Storybook

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  • Gender & AgeAll ages
  • Dimensions8.5" x 8.5"

A Heartwarming Gift for Dog Lovers

Positioned for pet rescue centers, veterinarian clinics, or to anyone celebrating the birth or rescue of a new pet. Ever wonder what the pet dog is thinking when he gives "that look?” Hilariously narrated from the dog’s perspective, this rhyming storybook celebrates the special, loving bond between dogs and their families.

Your Pet Stars in the Story

Select among twelve illustrated dog styles and five colors to create the dog that most closely resembles the client’s pet.

Experience the Joy of Imagination

Uniquely Personalized for the Family Pet

The dog's name and the names of up to four family members (children or adults) are also included throughout the story and illustrations. Include a custom dedication message and business logo, one in the front and another in the back of the book, to make this a paw-some present!

Memorialize a Lost Furry Family Member

If your dog has passed away, check the box and the story will be written in the past tense. Create a keepsake to remember your pet always.

Experience the Joy of Reading