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    Oh, what a joy it is to read with my son!

    We love those moments together, snuggled up or simply sitting in our arm-chairs. But this reading time is Always surrounded with a lot of charm, anticipation, and mutual sharing of feelings.

    Reading to my child is some of the best activities I do together with him.

    My toddler is four, and he cannot read yet. He is also bi-lingual and learns two alphabets at the same time. He knows his letters. He knows “double-duty” letters that could be found in both of the languages he speaks. He loves to scribble his name everywhere where he can.

    Reading in both languages makes his perception of himself and the world surrounding him bigger, bolder, more interesting and… complex. But this complexity is not necessarily difficult. It adds to the layers and depth of his perception of the world, people, relationships.

    We love books. We love exciting and different books. And when my son saw his name on the My Very Own Pirate Tale book, he was in awe!

    “Mama, mama, his name is like mine!” Screamed he at the top of his lungs.

    “His mama named this pirate like me, yes, mama?!”

    “I would like to be a pirate like him.”

    These are just a few excitement statements out of the many, my son delivered when a magical Pirate book published by I See Me was presented to him at one of our night time readings. And his name was published all over the pages where the main hero pirate was leading his crew through the rough seas.

    This Pirate story inspired my child. What was going on in his brain, only he knew. But his face, his loud voice filled with excitement clearly demonstrated his interest and his internal involvement in the story we were reading. The story about pirates like him.

    What matters is that a child truly sees herself involved in the narration.

    What I See Me truly is all about is giving each child a chance to develop their unique personal experiences by participating in the story when a story is being read to them.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of a story. What matters is that a child truly sees herself involved in the narration. And when so many senses work simultaneously – vision, hearing, kinesthetic/touching, olfactory/smelling – with a powerful and colorful emotional support… A child receives the most potent stimulation of the brain that the entire learning ability to remember, to hold on to the memories, and to want to repeat the process has just reached the most valuable result.

    Here Are Five Most Valuable Points in I See Me Books (As Celebrate Woman Today Sees It)

    • Involve Quality Authors – All authors are pre-selected with their top best-selling books

    • Offer the Variety Of Themes – You can find so many books on so many topics, from birthdays to special occasions to simply “just because” books

    • Mesmerize Us With Amazing Illustrations – The colorfulness of the books is unsurpassed. All pages are illustrated with high quality visage that your child will remember forever.

    • Invest In Your Child’s Multi-sensory Development – These magical books inspire a child to repeat the reading, thus, to live through experience again and again.

    • Leave Bright Memories – Having a customized book with your child’s name is one of the memorable things s/he will remember.

    Maia Haag, The Author, Mother, Creator of I See Me I would love to say Thank-You to Maia Haag, the Author, the Mother, and the Founder of I See Me company.

    Maia, you saw the need and the results that reading can have on your own children. And to make this experience even more so, you went ahead and built this wonder producing source where kids get their own books with their own names written all over the book! This is exciting! This is a true learning in action. Thank you on behalf of all moms out there.