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    My Very Own Name iPad app: 4.5 out of 5 stars

    By: Carisa Kluver

    A personalized storybook with beautiful illustrations ...

    Based on the personalized print book from I See Me! Inc., this beautifully illustrated digital app allows you to enter a name to literally create a different story for every child. The story then unfolds with letters of the alphabet spelling the child's name. The reader 'catches' the letter by tapping on it as it pops out from behind one of the images, ending with a celebration of the child's name with of all the animals.

    There is also a neat extra with the storybook that has 64 different animals that pop out while trying to 'catch' the alphabet. This gives the book tremendous replay value, since a child will need to read it several times to find them all. All the animals found are placed in a book where the child can return to play with each one, rereading a phrase about the animal; it's like a book within a book.

    There isn't a way to save more than one name in this app. I'd love to see that added; however, it is relatively easy to simply re-enter the information for use with several different kids in a family, for instance. Otherwise this app has an intuitive set up with nice features like an easy to read font and arrow page-turning. Nice hints are given for interactive elements.

    There is no narration, although nice background noises and sound effects are included. An option to record the story in your own voice would be a great addition to the app. There are multiple ways to enjoy the app, though, including two settings for story mode that depend on the age of the child. In "Preshchool & Up" mode, you trace the letters after catching each one. Toddler mode is simpler, but I also found it more ideal for bedtime reading with my older child.

    The interactive elements are fun even if they are not especially story related. Also, I would recommend entering the child's full name for the best effect, although a much shorter book can be created by using a nick-name for shorter attention spans. Overall this is delightful digital translation of a personalized picture book. The original illustrations are lovely and the concept is well-executed in a polished app. Highly recommended.