Spider-man Beginnings Personalized Marvel Storybook

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  • Gender & AgeAll Ages
  • Dimensions8x11, 32 pages

A Personalized Spider-Man Book

Discover the origin story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man and started fighting crime in this personalized Marvel book that features a dedication message and your child’s name throughout the story!

Epic Battles with Spider-Man

Spider-Man uses his spider superhero powers—and special Spidey humor—to battle baddies like the Green Goblin. When Spidey catches the cold bug, he must keep his superhero identity a secret, save Mary Jane, and persevere against his enemies.

Experience the Joy of Making a Child Feel Special

Engage and Empower Kids

Inspire your child to be a courageous and responsible hero with a personalized Marvel storybook!

A Unique Gift for Superhero Lovers

Perfect for anyone who loves Spider-Man, this personalized storybook is a unique gift that also helps kids learn to read.

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