Disney Moana Personalized Storybook

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  • Gender & AgeAll Ages
  • Dimensions8x11, 32 pages

Relive Moana’s Story with a Personalized Disney Book

Based on the Disney animated film Moana, this personalized Disney storybook features your child’s name throughout the book and a dedication message!

A Disney Story about Courage and Believing

Sail away on an epic adventure about strength, exploration, and following your heart. Inspire your little readers with the story of Moana!

Experience the Joy of Imagination

Follow Moana’s Epic Journey

Moana is the daughter of a Polynesian tribal chief and has been chosen by the ocean to return the heart of Te Fiti, which was stolen by the trickster demi-god Maui. With the heart gone, a terrible darkness will spread to Moana’s island. Following her passion for exploration and her love of the water, Moana embarks on a dangerous journey to find Maui, return the heart of Te Fiti, and save her people.

Inspire Dreamers with a Personalized Gift

Experience the Moana movie every night before bedtime and encourage young readers to dream big!

Experience the Joy of Reading