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    An easy way to send your child around the world on a magic carpet

    By Mary Forgione
    Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
    April 19, 2013, 8:15 a.m.

    Could the world be a place where everyone knows your name? In the children's book "My Very Own World Adventure," absolutely.

    The illustrated book makes a good present for future travelers. It starts with a magic carpet ride to countries whose first letters spell out a child's first and last names. In each country, the pages show a child with a special gift from their homeland.

    For the name "Isabella," for example, the book starts with a harp-player from Ireland, a rose from Saudi Arabia, a musical instrument from Albania, a chocolate bunny from Belgium ... you get the idea. The illustrations also give kids a sense of place through the items being offered. Laos shows a child holding a plumeria, the country's national flower, with elephants and a temple in the background.

    The carpet ride ends with a stamped passport and map of the countries visited. It also includes a guide to all of the nations illustrated for the book (the child from the U.S. holds a Native American dream catcher as its gift.) and the artists who created them.

    You can thumb through the book page-by-page online. The book may be ordered (providing the child's name and date of birth as well as a dedication to appear in the book) for $34.95 plus shipping.