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Daily Candy, article entitled "Heroine Chic"
"Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who's the smartest of them all?Welcome to the new era of the fairy tale, in which girls are strong, savvy, and aren't waiting for some prince to save them.In My Very Own Fairy Tale, the latest personalized story from I See Me!, your favorite girl becomes the star of her own show. The customized, beautifully illustrated book transports kids into a magical garden where flowers and berry fairies crown them princesses. Each letter of your child's name becomes one of the character traits ("h" for honest, "t" for truthful), ultimately spelling out a story that will teach her about being a strong princess - and leader.Meaning that, while it enhances spelling and vocabulary, it also builds girls' self-esteem. (Say it with us now:'healthy narcissism.')So here's to living happily ever after. Because the plotline may have changed, but everybody still loves a fairy-tale ending."