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    9/20/2012 - This Halloween, Treat Your Child To A Storybook Adventure
    Jennifer Dewing
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    Halloween is one of the most joyfully anticipated holidays for children. Dressing up as a favorite imaginary character takes a child’s imagination to new heights. Carry the imagination a step further with personalized books from I See Me! that allow the child to star in their own storybook adventure.

    Minneapolis, MN September 20 2012

    AHOY! Is there a pirate on deck?

    Then TREAT them to the “My Very Own Pirate Tale” personalized book from I See Me! According to Marissa O from The Review Stew, “It is a very fun book about my son becoming a captain, finding buried treasure, and spelling out his first and last name! It is really great for learning letters, his name, and it is a really good story all at the same time! I definitely recommend I See Me personalized books for all the readers in your house! They are fun, educational, and personalized so they are perfect for making every child feel special in your house!”

    Will there be a little girl be fluttering around as a fairy?
    Jennifer J. from St. Pete Beach, Florida recommends parents TREAT the special little girl in their life to “My Very Own Fairy Tale”. “My daughter received this book from a friend as a gift and it quickly became one of her favorite books. We have had it for a few years now and it still remains one of her favorites.”

    Whooo Whooo is that child dressing up as?
    Blogger Doesmommyloveit.com suggests parents TREAT their little owl to the “My Very Own Name” personalized storybook. “It was absolutely amazing to read this book aloud and watch the face of my son as he listened to the different animals choosing letters to build his name.”

    Is your child dressing up as royalty?
    Melissa R. from Keeping Up with the Rheinlanders recommends parents TREAT their child to “My Royal Birthday Adventure”. According to Rheinlander, “I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES!! I think this is my favorite book in the I See Me line so far!! The illustrations take you on a magical royal adventure. Plus as always the little ones love seeing their name and the names of their loved ones in the story.”
    I See Me! publishes award-winning personalized children’s books. Visit their website today at http://www.iseeme.com and connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter today to learn more.