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    04/28/2012 - Top 10 Children's Books for Baby’s First Year 2012
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    Top 10 Children's Books for Baby’s First Year I See Me is mentioned in the list of ten top children’s books recommended for baby’s first year as written by Project Nursery, the ultimate children’s design resource. Baby’s first year is precious time full of loving, tender and nurturing moments.

    MINNEAPOLIS (April 28, 2012) – Pam and Melisa, founders of Project Nursery, the ultimate children’s design resource, put together a list of ten top children’s books recommended for baby’s first year. According to Pam and Melisa, “Displaying cherished children's books within arms reach of your glider in the nursery, is both decorative and incredibly meaningful. The right books can add color, imagination and best of all, a beautiful bonding opportunity with baby". Check out Project Nursery’s “10 Books for Baby’s 1st Year” pinboard on Pinterest.

    1. For baby’s birth: My Very Own Name (author Maia Haag): Entertaining animals in this personalized children’s book come together to spell out the perfect name for the new baby (the moose brings the “M,” the ostrich brings the “O,” and so on.) The book teaches children how to recognize letters and spell their names and has become a classic, widely recognized baby gift. The My Very Own Name storybook is available online, as well as a free virtual tour of the book. Also available from I See Me! are My Very Own Fairy Tale and My Very Own Pirate Tale.

    2. Caring for baby: What to Expect Baby’s First Year (author Heidi Murkoff): Many parents have read the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. This follow up book, What to Expect Baby’s First Year, is a guide for parents to learn about how to care for their little one from birth through age one.

    3. For baby’s baptism or naming ceremony: God Loves You! (author Jennifer Dewing): The God Loves You! personalized children’s book is a special gift for baby’s baptism (Christian faith) or naming ceremony (Jewish faith). The book tells children that God planned for them, created them uniquely and loves them deeply. The God Loves You! Children’s book is available for purchase online, where there is also a free virtual tour of the book.

    4. To teach them the lesson of giving: The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein): The Giving Tree is a beautifully written book with a powerful message about the importance of giving back to others, and revolves around the relationship between a young boy and a tree.

    5. To snuggle and bond: Counting Kisses (author Karen Katz): Counting Kisses is a sweet story that encourages affection and warmth between the reader and child.

    6. A classic for baby: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle): No child’s bookshelf would be complete without a classic Eric Carle book! The illustrations in The Very Hungry Caterpillar are colorful and the format of the book is clever. Kids will ask to read this over and over. Children will love poking their fingers through the holes in the book!

    7. To tell the child just how much he or she is loved: Who Loves Me? (Jennifer Dewing): It’s so important that children know at an early age just how much they are loved. The Who Loves Me? children’s book is personalized with the names of family members who love the child. The book encourages the child to reach to the sky and say “SO MUCH!” when asked just how much everyone loves him or her. The Who Loves Me? personalized children’s book is available for purchase online, where there is also a free virtual tour!

    8. To tuck them into bed at night: Goodnight Moon (author Margaret Wise Brown): Goodnight Moon is another classic story, perfect for reading to a baby for naptime and bedtime. As baby grows older, he or she will love pointing out storybook objects like the red balloon, the cow jumping over the moon and more. Goodnight Moon has been loved by generations of readers.

    9. For Baby’s 1st Christmas: My Very Merry Christmas (Jennifer Dewing): This charming little personalized children’s book features animals that come together to trim a Christmas tree and put together a very merry first Christmas for baby. My Very Merry Christmas is available online, or take a free virtual tour of the book as well.

    10. For Baby’s 1st Birthday: My Very Happy Birthday (Jennifer Dewing): My Very Happy Birthday board book is a personalized children’s book with a child’s name in the story and in the illustrations. It’s an adorable gift to celebrate baby’s first birthday. The gift giver can even include a dedication, so the book will be a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. My Very Happy Birthday is available online and there is even a free virtual tour of the book.

    I See Me! Inc. creates high-quality personalized children’s books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child and build self-esteem. I See Me! Inc. products are personalized with the child’s name. You can also connect with I See Me! on Facebook or on Twitter.