Speedster Personalised Book

Speedster Personalised Book


Experience what it's like to be a race car driver!

The recipient will love it or your money back!

Race to the Finish

Zoom and vroom around the track in your very own race car story! This personalised book includes the child’s name, photo, birthday, skin tone, hair colour, favourite colour and even his or her hometown, which will be used to name the track in the story.

Try Your Best

Build confidence and self-esteem in little readers with a race car book about working hard and bravely doing their best. The story reminds the child: Even if you don’t always win, you’re always a star!

Exciting Race Car Gift

Kids will love seeing their names personalised in the story and illustrations, including on a driving licence, award certificate, and a newspaper article about their first-place win! This race car gift for boys and girls is also a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

Chronicle Books Personalised Gifts

This unique gift is brought especially to you by our friends at international award-winning publisher Chronicle Books. Inspired by the enduring magic of books, Chronicle Books publishes distinctive, high-quality gifts that are instantly recognisable for their creativity and spirit.

  1. Ages 0-6
  2. 22 x 22 cm; 24 pages
  3. Printed in Australia
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