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Due to the custom printing and personalised nature of our products, we may not be able to accommodate changes after your order is placed. If you have a request or question, please email customerservice-ie@iseeme.com anytime or call 1800 334 477 during regular business hours.

About the personalised storybooks

  • What if the child's name has more letters than the maximum allowed in the book?

    There is a maximum of 15 characters and spaces allowed for the child’s first name.

    Another 15 characters and spaces are allowed for the middle name, and another 15 characters and spaces are allowed for the last name.

  • Are these books appropriate for adopted children?

    Yes, our books work wonderfully for adopted children. Maia and Allan Haag, creators of I See Me! Personalised Books are adoptive parents themselves, and they met with other adoptive parents to ensure that each would work for adopted children. The books talk about the day when the child "arrived", rather than was born. This enables you to decide whether you want to include the child's actual date of birth, or the date when the child arrived in the family. Many families provide the date when the child arrived into the family. Our "My Very Own" books can be used as an educational tool to explain to the child how he or she was named by the family.

    Below are testimonials from customers who ordered My Very Own Name® for an adopted child:

    "Our daughter is from China and she is just amazing. I am going to mention your books to the families we went to China with because so many of the books specifically about adoption are really corny. Yours open up dialog in a subtle and natural way by talking about the arrival of the baby, rather than the birth. This makes it another way for us to talk about adoption with her." Elizabeth V

    "The adoption community loves these books! Thanks for such high quality books for our kids!" Grace A

  • In the My Very Own® books, can I select certain animals/fairies/vehicles/North Pole characters/nursery rhyme characters/dinosaurs to be used in the books?

    Yes, we may be able to accommodate this request if you send an email to customerservice-ie@iseeme.com immediately after completing your order. Due to the custom printing and personalised nature of our products, we may not be able to accommodate changes after your order is placed.

    Please note that our customer service representatives have to intercept your order to make this change before our software begins to process your order.

    Since our customer service representatives do not work on the weekends, we ask that you wait to place your order until a business day so that we can edit your order immediately after it is placed.

  • Are the creatures used in the My Very Own® books ever repeated?

    Our inventory includes 3-4 creatures for every vowel and 2-3 creatures for almost every consonant. The letters that have only one option are the Q, X & Z. The only time we would repeat a creature is if the number of the same letter in the child’s name exceeds the amount available. Please take a virtual tour to see all the available creatures.

  • How do I include the child's middle name in the book?

    Please type the child's name in the field called "Child's Middle Name". There is an extra €4.00 charge for the inclusion of the child's middle name in the My Very Own® books because it makes the books longer. For those books, if you enter a name in the middle name field, €4.00 will automatically be added to your order at check-out.

  • Why is there an extra charge for middle name?

    The inclusion of the child’s middle name makes the books longer in the My Very Own® books that spell out the child’s name. Animals, fairies or sea creatures bring letters to spell out the child’s middle name, one letter and one page at a time. The extra charge is to cover the extra paper and labour needed to add those personalised pages.

  • Can I include the child's first and middle names instead of first and last names?

    Yes, we can make a book that includes the child's first and middle names, instead of first and last names. This does not compromise the book in any way; the book will be excellent. To use a middle name and not a last name, please enter the middle name in the middle name field and do not enter anything in the last name field. If you order a My Very Own® book that spells out the child’s name, you will be charged €4.00 extra to include the middle name, even if the last name is not included.

  • In the My Very Happy Birthday book, is the birth date or "celebrating which birthday" required?

    Neither the birth date nor "which birthday the child is celebrating" is required to order the My Very Happy Birthday board books. We can make the book without knowing either the birth date or which year the child is celebrating.

    • If you do not provide a birth date, we will not include it on the title page or in the book. We'll use generic text instead. The book still makes a great birthday gift!
    • If you tell us which birthday the child is celebrating (1st, 2nd, etc.), we'll include the number that the child is celebrating on the cover and throughout the book. The cake will include the correct number of candles!
    • If you answer "any" to the question about which birthday the child is celebrating, the book will not include a number and will look like the book shown in the main virtual tour. We do not calculate which birthday the child is celebrating because many books are given as belated birthday gifts after the birth date has passed. Some customers select "any" so that the child can read the birthday book year after year on his or her birthday.
  • May I use two names in the First Name Field for Multiple Children and/or Siblings?

    Unfortunately, our software is set up to feature only one child and/or sibling’s name in our books, with the exception of our Who Loves You? for Twins book and Hello World! Twins book. While all of our books will allow 15 characters/spaces per field, none of the other text is changed to reflect multiple children entered in the First Name field. Please take a Virtual Tour of the book that you'd like to order to make sure that the text will be acceptable to you.

  • Will my child's full name be printed throughout the book?

    All our books print the child's full name (or what is entered upon ordering) on the Dedication Page. Only the First Name field appears throughout the book in most cases. We recommend that you take a Virtual Tour of the book that you’re interested in to see how the name is displayed throughout the book.

  • I want my child's formal name to appear on the Dedication Page, but use his nickname throughout the book. Is this possible?

    Yes, if you provide the child's nickname for the My Very Own® books, the nickname will be used throughout the story and on the cover. The child's first name will be used on the dedication page.

  • Can I change the time and location on the Birthday Party Invitation in the My Very Happy Birthday book?

    The location and the time of the birthday party on the invitation is the same in every book and cannot be altered.

  • Can I have the "My Very Own Pirate Tale" made for a girl?

    Yes, our Pirate Book can be ordered both for boys and girls. Please take a virtual tour of the book. You will notice the "Pirate Child" is illustrated in such a way that it does not depict gender and all references to a girl or a boy are automatically changed to match the gender that is chosen when ordering.


  • How long does it take to receive the book once it has been ordered?

    For details on delivery times and delivery costs please visit Delivery Information.

  • How long does it take to produce a book and how will it affect the delivery date?

    All delivery times listed on our delivery information page and in the delivery method table at checkout include your gift's production time.

  • Can I use more than one discount code in the same order?

    No, only 1 discount/voucher/promotion code can be used per order. Select the code that has the highest value and use that one.

    If your code starts with an @ sign, then it is a gift certificate code which is like cash. More than one gift certificate code can be used in a single order.

  • Where do I enter my discount code?

    If you have a special discount or promotional code, you must enter that code while viewing your basket. Please enter your code and click "Apply Discount". If you click "Apply Discount" and your code does not work, see the next question/answer for possible reasons why this is occurring.

  • Why isn't my discount code working?

    Below are possible reasons why your code might not be working:

    • The code might have expired.
    • Be sure you entered the code exactly as you received it, with no extra spaces in between the characters.
    • If your code starts with the @ symbol, then enter that symbol as the first character. (If your code does not start with the @ symbol, then do not enter it or else it will render the code unusable.)
    • After you enter the code, please be sure to click the "Apply Discount" button found to the right of that field.
  • How do I deliver books to different addresses within one order?

    We are very sorry, but it is not possible to deliver one order to multiple addresses. You may place your orders individually and email customerservice-ie@iseeme.com and ask if a delivery adjustment would be allowed.

    Please note that guaranteed Christmas delivery is free on orders of €0 or more ONLY if all the items in the order are delivered to the same address. Our customer service team will not be able to grant free delivery on items that total over €0 going to multiple addresses.

  • Can I order with checks or postal orders?

    No, sorry, we are not able to accept checks or postal orders. All orders for our books need to be ordered with a credit or debit card, or via PayPal.

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    Because each book is made especially to your order, we charge your credit card upon receiving your order.

  • Is it safe for me to use my credit card on this site?

    For security, we encrypt your credit card and order information using Secure Socket Layer technology. This protects you from "prying eyes" that might otherwise attempt to steal personal information from you, such as your credit card or payment information. This technology is an Internet standard.

  • Why does the shopping basket say it's empty when I try to put items into it?

    If the shopping basket says it is empty after you have tried to put items into it, this may be occurring because you have set your security setting not to enable "cookies". A "cookie" is a message given back and forth between a Web browser and a Web server. When you enter items into a shopping basket, the shopping basket uses cookies to remember what you have ordered and put those items into the shopping basket. If you have blocked the use of cookies, then items cannot be placed into your shopping basket.

    Your privacy or firewall software, or your browser might be set to block cookies. To resolve this issue, you can change your settings using the below instructions. Or, you can call us at 1800 334 477 and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.

    To resolve cookie problems in privacy or firewall software:

    1. Launch your privacy or firewall software. 2. Navigate to the section with cookie controls. 3. Choose to accept cookies.

  • I am sending my gift directly to the child. Will an invoice or anything showing the amount spent be included with the gift?

    No, the amount spent will not be included with the package. Many of our customers have their gifts sent directly to the recipient. Invoice information is never included on the packing slip, only the items to be included with the order along with the printed "Gift Message," if one is entered.

  • Where and how is the gift message printed?

    The gift message will be printed on the packing slip, which is sent in the package with the book to the recipient. This message should be no longer than 175 characters. The message will be “word wrapped” by the computer so do not type the “enter” key to separate lines. When the enter key is pressed, your message will include a / character. Thus, please type a message such as: “Dear Mike, I hope you will always treasure this book and think of Uncle John and me when you read it. Love, Aunt Mary”.

    Instead of: “Dear Mike,/ I hope you will always treasure this book and think of Uncle John and me when you read it./ Love,/ Aunt Mary/”

Gift Certificates

  • Do you have gift cards?

    Yes, we offer electronic gift cards that can be emailed to a recipient at checkout.

  • Can I use a discount code when purchasing gift cards?

    No. Discount codes can only be applied to books and gift items.

Personal Information

  • How can I request to manage my personal information?

    Please click on this link to submit your request to our privacy team.