My Very Own Name Classic Cover Edition Personalised Book


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Animals spell your child's name in rhyme!

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A Uniquely Personalised Name Book

Each book is original based on the child’s name. Animals bring letters one by one to create the child’s first and last names in rhyme. A jackal brings a J, an ostrich brings an O, until the child’s full name is spelled out. Our bestselling story now comes with another cover option, featuring a giraffe!

Celebrate a Baby’s Arrival

Welcome a new baby with a unique gift that parents will treasure for years to come. Each time the family reads the book, they’ll see a printed message from you and a photo of the child on the first page. Become a gifting legend.

Animal Encyclopaedia

Spark their curiosity and learn fun facts about 61 different kinds of animals in the illustrated encyclopaedia that is included at the back of the book.

Learn Your Name

Make your child feel unique and special with a book that incorporates the letters of their first and last name throughout. This beautifully illustrated storybook helps them recognise letters to spell their own name.

  1. Written by Maia Haag
  2. Illustrated by Mark Mille
  3. Ages 0-6
  4. 22 x 28 cm; approximately 44 pages
  5. Printed in the UK
  • Premium Quality
  • Immersive Personalisation
  • Widest Selection