Celebrate the older brother or sister with an extra-special gift.

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Don't Forget the Siblings!

Our Super, Incredible Sibling series lets older children know they're loved and appreciated while encouraging them to help with the new baby and become super incredible siblings. Each personalised big brother book and customised big sister book comes with an award medal proving how great they are, with space on the back for the child's name. And each book is personalised for one child and his or her new sibling.

Double Trouble: Twin Books

A customised big brother or personalised big sister book is just as important when the new baby turns out to be twins. I See Me's Super, Incredible Big Sister / Brother of Twins books include both babies' names, and like other books in the series, come with a special medal for the new big sibling.

Whether a gift from loving parents and grandparents or a thoughtful present from family friends, a personalised big sister book can turn the anxiety of a new baby into excitement while reaffirming the older sibling's sense of worth and place within the family. Add some personalised stickers or customised activity book to the gift and you provide the child with something fun to do while mom and dad are busy with the new baby!