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Personalised Story Books

Even at young ages, children love seeing their photos and names in print. There's the fun of recognition, and the delight of seeing themselves in a story. Perhaps this is why customised picture and storybooks are so popular.

Many customisable books simply insert the child's name into the story, with no other changes or personal touches. At I See Me! we think personalised story books should go a step further, creating a truly unique gift children will treasure for years.

Combining entertaining stories with bright, bold illustrations, our customised storybooks are deeply personalised with your child's name and photo. In some, animals bring out letters one at a time to spell your child's first and last name in rhyme. In others, your child will be delighted to find a picture of herself hanging on the wall of a princess's castle... a princess who shares her name, hair colour, and other characteristics. No matter which I See Me! book you choose, children will be thrilled to see themselves reflected in the stories.

Customised story books make children feel special and boost self-esteem, especially during transitional times such as the introduction of a new baby or starting school. At the same time, your child will learn to recognize his or her own name in writing -- an important pre-reading skill

I See Me! story books, popular with celebrity parents like Courtney Cox, are well-bound and durable books written and created by our award-winning teams of authors and illustrators. Most importantly, however, they're fun and kids love them. And really, when it comes to a story book, what else matters?