My Snuggle Bunny Personalised Book

My Snuggle Bunny Personalised Book


Count the ways Snuggle Bunny will love your child!

The recipient will love it or your money back!

A Uniquely Personalised Book

Celebrate a special child with a personalised children’s book that includes their name, photo, gender, birthday, the sender names, and a dedication message!

Count with Snuggle Bunny

Count the ten ways Snuggle Bunny will love the child throughout the day. From a hug in the morning to snuggle time in the evening, Snuggle Bunny loves showing affection to the child in different ways.

Send Love to Little Ones

Perfect as an Easter surprise, a birthday gift, or as a special storybook to read at nighttime, this soothing story reassures children they are loved.

An Adorable Easter Gift

Celebrate spring and the Easter Bunny with this personalised gift! Perfect as a baby’s first Easter gift, this unique book will make a child’s day. Add your book to an Easter basket or make it part of an Easter egg hunt and hide it as a prize! Kids will love an Easter gift that features their name.

  1. Written by Maia Haag
  2. Illustrated by John Butler
  3. Ages 0-6
  4. 22 x 22 cm; 20 pages
  5. Printed in the UK
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