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Hello World! Personalized Board Book

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Hello World! Personalized Board Book

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The perfect personalized gift to welcome baby into the world!

Hello, World! makes a perfect gift to welcome a new baby into the world! Parents will treasure this adorable keepsake book, as it is personalized with the new baby's name and photograph. Hello, World! is made with thick, durable pages for exploring little hands. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print! Written by Jennifer Dewing. Illustrated by Holli Conger. Made in the USA.

Hello World! is also available in pink Here

Ordering Information
Gender and ages: Boys and Girls ages 0-6.
Size: 6.5" x 6.5"
Number of pages: 20 durable board pages

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order.
Air delivery: Not available on this item
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

A beautiful personalized book for any new baby!
Review by KathyLu
Love this book & all I See Me books. Have been ordering them ever since my 1st grandson was born almost 4 years ago. Just wish this book was available then. I have ordered it for my last 2 grandsons.
Loved every word!
Review by Leslie
I bought this book for my neice who just had a baby boy. She said it was her best gift yet. When we read it aloud we were all in tears. The book was a great find!
Love it!
Review by Nana O
This book is beautiful. The illustrations are lovely and the personalization make it such a special gift! I am so glad I got it.
Love it!
Review by Hello World
I bought this for my brand new granddaughter. I can hardly wait for my daughter and
son-in-law to see it!
Love these books
Review by Marnie
I've purchased the Welcome to the World! board book for the parents of four newborns. All have loved the gift. It's now my go-to baby gift. I love I See Me products and recommend them to everyone.
Very content with the book. The color, quality are excellent. Beautiful pictures.
Review by Milly
Very happy with the book
Hello World!
Review by Dawn
I bought this book for my grandson after he was born. My daughter loved it! The book itself is sturdy and we love the personalization. I only wish we could have used fractions with the length because my daughter had to add the quarter inch after his length with a Sharpie. I was so impressed with how quickly we received it after ordering and both myself and my daughter have recommended your products to other people.
Hello World
Review by Kelli
It was a gift I've had sent to people before but this time it was shipped to me and I'd be lying if I didn't say say I was surprised at how small it is, I guess I never looked. I will still keep ordering it as a gift but wish it were bigger.
Review by Denise
When I previewed the book online, the picture was great, but when I got the book, the picture was dark.

Editor's Note: Denise, We are sorry the picture turned out dark. We will have someone in customer service contact you.
Loved it! Very gratefully reviewed!
Review by Britt
I purchased this book for a friend of mine who recently had a baby and it turned out so beautifully! The quality is top notch and the personalization is great, the baby's name is everywhere, not just on the first page. Highly recommend this product as a gift for new additions!
Hello world
Review by Ninette
Loved the book! I love the illustrations and just the entire concept. It's a wonderful keepsake and I can't wait to uncover it later in life too for my boy. My only complaint is that the book did come a little smaller than I expected. That's all though. The book is so beautifully made and will last forever. The personalizing of it is so cool and worth the price (although a little expensive) it will last a lifetime.

Editor's Note: So glad you liked the book. Please note, a size description is given on each book for your future reference.
Hello World
Review by kathy
When I reviewed the picture on line it was clear. When I got the book the picture of my grandson was dark. It was hard to make out. My daughter and I were really disappointed. I have ordered other books and was very happy. Not this one.

Editor's Note: Kathy, Thanks for your feedback. We are sorry to hear of your disapointment with the book. A customer service team member will be contacting you.
Great and wonderful customer service
Review by Nora
This is my third Hello World book. I ordered two for my twins, and then one as a gift for a friend. The one that was a gift was missing the picture I uploaded without problems while placing the order. I was disappointed and called customer service. A real person answered and fixed the issue, sending me a correct book. It is perfect! I plan to order the twin boys version of Hello World for a friend when she has her boys.
Hello world it's me
Review by Debbie
Very pleased.. My Grandson will love this book when he is a little older because it's all about him.. he is only 3 months now but my daughter already reads it to him.
Hello World
Review by Sondra Richmond
This is a very sweet "little" book very appropriate for the little, newborn, baby boy that just arrived in our family. I know he will enjoy it for years to come. His two year old sister has been enjoying the books that she has received from us very much. Nicely constructed and illustrated but, yes, this is a sweet "little" book.
Hello World
Review by Jennie
I have ordered several of these for friends' baby's. It is a really cute keepsake and much more special than a regular book. I love the ability to upload photos!
ABC What I can Be
Review by Wandda Hammack
Love this book
Hello World
Review by Walt Schopfer
We love this book that we bought for our Grandson!
Hello World
Review by Marsha
This book is marvelous!!!I'm sure it will become a treasured keepsake for my great grandson!!! Grey's mom and dad just loved it. I'm sure Grey will as soon as he's able to look and read. You won't regret getting this book I promise it's so well done.
Great gift idea!!
Review by Karine
I absolutely love this book. It's such a great gift idea!
Hello World!
Review by Dawn
I bought this book for my grandson after he was born. My daughter loved it! The book itself is sturdy and we love the personalization. I only wish we could have used fractions with the length because my daughter had to add the quarter inch after his length with a Sharpie. I was so impressed with how quickly we received it after ordering and both myself and my daughter have recommended your products to other people.
Hello World
Review by Rita Goulet
This book is for my great grandson, it is the perfect gift for any child. I have bought other books for my great grand children and they love them all.(7)
Hello World!
Review by Julie
This is the second book I purchased and really like all the information that is specific to my Grandson's birth! Definitely a keeper! Will continue to look for new books as he grows!
Hello world
Review by Liliana
I ordered this book for my newborn grandson as his first book , I absoulutely loved it! The details of the personalization were perfect!! It made me cry! So sweet! I would highly recommend it!!
Great gift for new baby
Review by Allison
I received this book as a gift and as a new mom it was one of my favorite gifts. Recently I sent one to a friend for her newborn and she loved it too! Makes a great keepsake and it truly is a beautiful book.
Hello World
Review by Marlene
I See Me books have become my "go to" for gifts for my two grandchildren, This book was for my newborn grandnephew. I look forward for to purchasing books for his older brothers so they may have their own piece of history.
Building Manager
Review by Andrea Dones
I loved the book, bought it for my niece's 1st birthday.It was a nice gift and the personalization was awesome.
Hello World
Review by FJ
I have given this book to 2 newborns and they were favorites! Such a cute idea. I also got the Big Sister Book for one of the families and that was a HUGE hit as well.
Hello World It's Me Claire
Review by Nan
An absolutely adorable special book for our newest grand-daughter. Love Love Love it!! Thank you.
Hello World
Review by Nan
An absolutely adorable special book for our newest grand-daughter. Love Love Love it!! Thank you.
Hello World
Review by Danielle
I'm only giving this book a 4 stars because I think for the price, it should be larger. Aside from that, this book is adorable and I would definitely recommend it for a new baby. Also, I called after I placed the order online to add the baby's city and state for the mailbox, and when I received the book, there was no comma in between the city and state. I didn't specify this, but I guess I just assumed they would include a comma since it's the correct punctuation. Not a big enough deal to call and have the book reprinted, but still a little disappointing.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with for purchase. A member of our customer service team will contact you. For future reference as well, there are product descriptions with each title that can be helpful to understand size when ordering. Thank you for your feedback.

Love this company
Review by Laura
I love this company. The books turn out great and the perfect gifts! Customer service is great! I unfortunately had items sent to the wrong address (my fault not there's) and they no questions asked sent me out another one to the correct address! Again love them!
Hello World
Review by Bethany
I bought this book for both of my sons and my niece! I love how they turned out and I read them to them every night! My sister loved receiving it as a gift! She also reads it to her daughter every night!
Review by Monica
This book is adorable. It is all about my son and his birth announcement. I love reading this book to him.
Hello World
Review by Ashley
Absolutely wonderful book. I cried when I read it for the first time. Our son will cherish it once he is older.
Hello World
Review by Ashley
Absolutely wonderful book. I cried when I read it for the first time. Our son will cherish it once he is older.
Review by Desiree Crutchfield
Purchased this for my new grandson and was so excited when it came-the quality is excellent and the story is perfect!!!
Hello World
Review by Fran H.
We bought this book for our 2 month old Grandson for Christmas. We have not given it to him yet. We really like the quality of the book, the colorful pages, and that it is personalized. I received it within 7 days of placing the order. I will be ordering more books in the future.
Hello World! is the perfect book for any new baby!
Review by Blayne B.
It would make such a sweet gift to bring with you when meeting baby for the first time. The first thing that stands out about this book is that it is DURABLE. If you are spending the money to have a custom book designed for a baby, you don't want it to just sit on a shelf and collect dust. You want that little one to be able to enjoy it as more than just a show piece! This book is just that. It is a thick, durable board book and is just the right size for your baby's chubby little hands.
Hello World
Review by Rhonda Bowers
This made two Hello Worlds I've purchased in the past couple of months! The quality of all your books is fantastic! I bought this one for my latest grandson! His mom and dad loved it! Thanks for the great quality and service!
Review by S W
I've ordered many gifts. I also was quite unhappy with the size of the Hello World book. I think it should have been larger for the cost and or more pages. Editor's note: Thanks for your feedback. We take all into consideration and do our best to place a complete description on our website of each item.
Hello World
Review by grace
This is such a great gift. The quality of the book is really good. Everyone loves a gift that is personalized.
Hello, World
Review by Stephanie
I received this book as a gift for my twin girls, Peyton and Piper. We absolutely love how the book was personalized with the girls names. To have both their names is so unique and special. We have showed everyone their book and they too are in love and have plans on ordering one for themselves or as a gift. We look forward to reading this book for years to come. I will definitely be ordering more!!
Hello, World!
Review by Vanessa
I love the book itself and personalizing the book makes it more amazing. The only thing I would change is the packaging for delivery. My book arrived all wet, especially the binding. Luckily, the inside pages were not ruined.

Editor's Note: We apologize your book arrived in this condition. We have sent you an email and customer service will be happy to help you with replacement of your book.
Hello World
Review by Kim
I received this book as a gift for my twins', and I absolutely love it! I must admit I shed a few tears when I first read it to my boys. I've read this book over and over and still love it :) I've purchased this book twice for gifts since receiving it myself, and it has been such a hit with new moms :) Customer service is also decent. They were pleasant and timely in correcting a personalization error.
Hello World
Review by Helen H
Great way to welcome my new nephew. Book was a hit with parents.
Hello World
Review by Karen
It is the most adorable book.
Hello World!
Review by Amanda W.
Her new parents loved it, and it is a lovely keepsake.
Hello World
Review by marj
Love this book..nice size and so personal! Such a wonderful way to welcome my new granddaughter!
Hello World
Review by Chris
I think this is a great gift for a new baby. Have given it several times to new parents and they all loved it. Have been pleased with all the I See Me books that I've ordered. They make great gifts.
Perfect gift
Review by Rachel
I bought "hello world" for a new mommy and it was the perfect gift!
Hello World
Review by Sandra Vaughn
I was thrilled with the book. I bought it for my niece who had her first baby boy in August. Her comments were "She absolutely loved the book, what a treasure that is". Definitely will order another one, what a great gift ideal.
Hello World
Review by Sherry
A friend bought this for my youngest daughter. It is wonderful! I loved that it has her picture in it, birth information, and she can hold it since it's a board book. I can't wait to purchase it for other friends!
hello world! board book
Review by Ally
Got this for a family friend and she loves it! The details of baby's weight and parents and location are so special. Loved being able to add a pic of the newborn as well. Something to treasure.
Great gift
Review by Jane
Wonderful quality. Pages are a little thicker so my granddaughter can read by herself as she grow.

Every detail was perfect.
Review by sheron
I bought this book for my niece who lives in jamaica wi.when I received it I called a lot of friends and tell them how perfect this is.I can't wait to have another new norn in my circle.
Hello World
Review by John
What a little treasure, just like my Granddaughter whom I bought this book for.
Hello World, It's Me Harlan
Review by Juli Mack
It is a very nice book although I am a bit disappointed with its size. I purchased 'My Very Own Name' for my first grandchild 2 years ago and it was quite a bit larger and more detailed for a $5 difference.
Hello World
Review by Georgia
A wonderful book that I purchased for my grandson who is now two months old. His Dad already read it to him!!! When he is older he will be able to read about himself. I highly recommend it.
Hello World
Review by Winnie
The book is great. I have ordered several books in the past. Obviously I did not read the full description because I thought this was a full size book like the others I have purchased. It was probably my mistake, but for 1/4 of the size - the price did not reflect that. Not thrilled with the price for the size of the book.
Great gift!
Review by Dr. Linda A.
What a fabulous board book! Great gift for a new baby! Love it!
Review by Mariana
I have ordered many books from I See Me but I have to admit that this one is probably the most beautiful one... Great keepsake too.
Hello, World!
Review by Mary
I bought this book for my infant niece as a keepsake. Her parents loved it and it came out beautifully. Not my first purchase here and definitely won't be my last!
My very Own Name
Review by Susan altschul
My granddaughter received one of your books when she was born. Sent from a wonderful old time friend. My Grandaughter Is now five years old and I have sent these Beautiful books as baby gifts ever since When her brother was born he received a book And I sent a sibling book to my granddaughter I sent place mats to both my grandchildren I just sent one of your newest book to a newborn as a gift. I also sent a book signed by the author. I love your books and are so Glad you are adding new selections
Hello World
Review by Janis
I have given Hello World as a baby gift several times and each time the new parents have been thrilled with it. It is one of my favorite gifts to give.
Hello, World!
Review by Carla
Great book! I ordered this for a friend's new baby and it came out perfectly. The book was delivered faster than anticipated and my friend loved it!
Hello World
Review by Mary
I love the book it encourage a life long love for reading thank you
Review by MARIANA
Hello World
Review by Caitlin
This is the sweetest gift you could give a friend or family member - Its a beautiful keepsake marking the birthday. Highly recommend!
Mom and new Auntie
Review by Carissa W
Got this as a gift for my newborn niece. Mom and dad loved it! Great quality, great personalization and a forever keepsake to be treasured by all three. Such a special, personal thing to have. Absolutely would buy it again!
Hello, World
Review by Barbara
I bought the "Hello, World" book for my little Granddaughter and cannot wait to give it to her. I love it and know she will too.
Love for new arrivals
Review by Andrea
I love giving this book to everyone that has a new arrival! It is so thoughtful and the parents love it. It is a very creative gift and one they will always have! The quality is awesome and the verbiage is adorable.
Hello World
Review by Diana
I bought this book for my new niece. Great book and awesome quality. I love the fact that you can include the child's middle name in the book. Lovely keepsake!!!!
Hello World!
Review by Kathleen
This is such a sweet keepsake book. I can't imagine anyone not loving receiving it as a gift. I have ordered a few books from this company and they are always top notch.
Hello World!
Review by Rachel
I am very pleased with this treasure of a book. I can hardly wait to give it to my great-granddaughter and look forward to ordering more books, stickers, etc. for her.
Hello World!
Review by Sharon
Gave this book to a friend of mine who has a 3 month old baby. She absolutely loved it!
Hello World
Review by Gina
I love this little book...will help my little one know all the details of his birth...birthdate, height, weight, where he was born, etc. Adorable pictures and very durable.
Hello World
Review by Karen
I have ordered many different books, puzzles, stickers and placemats for grandchildren, great- nieces and great nephews, and loved each one. The illustrations, the stories are beautiful! And they are cherished gifts!
Great gift
Review by Lee
The books are excellent quality. The details that you can provide make this book the perfect keepsake gift for babies.
Hello World
Review by Bridget
I just received the book in the mail. It is perfect! I also had put the wrong shipping info and the customer service was wonderful and so easy to work with (thank you). We look forward to ordering more books
Great Keepsake Gift!
Review by Michelle
I ordered this as a gift for my nephew's baptism. It is an adorable book that serves as a fabulous keepsake.
Hello World
Review by Debbie
I just recieved this book yesterday as a gift for my daughter from a great friend. I couldn't help but get a little teary when i read it to her! This was a fabulous gift and I think it is a great gift idea for anyone having a baby!
Hello World
Review by Cathy
I LOVE IT! Our new grand son live in England, so just thrilled that this will be a book to remind him of his USA grand parents!
Hello world
Review by Rosalie Pinedo
This is the third personalized book I've ordered from you. I LOVE them all. Now each of my granddaughters will know how special they are to us.
Hello, World!
Review by Diane Garrett
This is my "go to" baby gift, since it was introduced. I love it, as do the parents of the new baby. I also have ordered three different books and stickers for my 4-year old grandson. I See Me books are creative and a life-long keepsake. Thank you!!!
Hello World
Review by Donna Milanowycz
Love this book .. it was a great addition to my cousins daughter in laws library for her newborn. She was thrilled to receive it .. this is just one of many books I have bought here and love everyone of them .. ordering VIP for my great niece who is starting preschool in Sept. Thank you !
Hello World!
Review by Barbara
Cute book that I got for my future niece! My brother, sister-in-law, and mom loved the personalization! Instead of a baby shower card I used the book as a dedication for my niece. I loved it!
Hello World
Review by Jeannie
Bought this book for my first great-granddaughter. Her mother loved it. She said when her daughter was old enough to read it, she would be so proud to have her very own book. Beautifully done. Thank you.
Review by Ashley Guthrie
Customer Service was Wonderful!!!!! Would Definetly recommend to everyone!!!
Review by Grace
Bought this for my daughters 1st birthday since her sister already has the very happy birthday book. It's probably better as a first time meeting the baby gift. But I still love it anyway :)
Hello world book
Review by Bambi
Great book! I love the colors, characters, and personalization of this book!
Hello World
Review by Grandma Dex
This is my baby gift of choice! I especially love it when the new mommy and daddy have never seen the I See Me books before! Love Them!
Hello, World
Review by Kelly
This book is great. It's a wonderful gift idea. There was a minor error with the printing and they sent us another book right away. The only recommendation I would make would be to allow half inches with the length (18.5 inches, 20.5 inches, etc.)
Hello Word, It's Me
Review by Judy
We loved it I am sure that the baby who received it will enjoy having a book about her birthday.
So much cuter than a scrap book!
Review by Kaitlyn M.
"Hello World" has everything I wanted for a keepsake.

Picture of my newborn, birth date and weight. I will cherish this book forever. When my boys are older, we will look back on this book and remember when my little Eli entered this world. This book is perfect for any new baby. I will definitely be purchasing more of "Hello World" as gifts for my new mom friends.
Hello World
Review by Christine Johnson
This book makes the best gift for a new baby. A treasured keepsake
Hello World
Review by Laura
I have bought a few personalised books from iseeme for family in recent years and they never disappoint. I bought hello world for my new nephew, it's fab and his parents loved it. It'll be a lovely keepsake for years to come. Delivery was quick too given it was international.
Hello World
Review by Judy
This book was for a new friend, who had her first baby. She really liked the book and she share it with her mom who live in Mississippi. Good book and I hope she cherish it for a long time.
Love it!
Review by Crystal
My daughter loves this book. She was excited to see her picture in the beginning of the book and enjoys hearing her name throughout!
Review by SEFH
I have purchased numerous products from I See Me! over the years and have been happy with them. "Hello World" is another fun and personal addition to our library.
mother, grandmother & greatgrandmother
Review by Barbara Arnold
I am a grandmother/great grandmother and previously owned a private school that educated many children for 40 years. I love your books and feel that they are great teaching aids as well as entertaining for children.
Education Program Manager
Review by Lisa Marsh
I loved the end product but was disappointed to see that I paid twice what the book was offered on Groupon.
Rave reviews!
Review by Adele
Sent 3 books to 2 families - 1 newborn each, plus one "super big brother." As a former educator and a recent grandma again, and grand aunt again, I fell in love with these books when I saw them online. I know they'll be able to provide lots of warm lap time reading for a few years hence. The recipient parents have oohed and ah-ed. The immediate reply from each: "Sooooo cute!"
hello world
Review by nick
I love it. Cant wait to give it to my little niece
Hello World
Review by Great Great Aunt
In the past, I have ordered My Very Own Name for my grand and great grand children. Hello World is just as great as the other books. In addition, the customer service is great. I had a problem they fixed without a fuss for me. Great job I See Me!
Parent / Former Educator
Review by Dorsena
Bought two books as gifts. Love the personalization and bright colors. As child learns to read they will appreciate reading their own special name and seeing their photo in a book. Customer service was A+!
Welcome to My World
Review by rita
Loved the little book. It is very simple but perfect to read to a new baby.
Hello, World
Review by Krystle
I cannot wait to give this book to my cousin who is anxiously waiting for her new baby girl to arrive. The book is absolutely adorable! I received one from my sister for my son a couple years ago and I will ALWAYS keep these books in mind when I'm looking for a gift for a little one!
Hello World
Review by Sheila Perez
I order 2 Hello World books, and both recipients love them, I went page by page over the book and it was great, Costumer Service went above and beyond trying to deliver Layla's book once they noticed it was close to her Birthday, I really appreciated that! once again thank you!
Hello, World!
Review by Angie
I bought this for my daughter and LOVE it! I will be buying this for every baby I know...it makes a wonderful present!
Hello World
Review by Meg
I just bought this for my new nephew and it is so sweet. He has an unique name and it will be hard to find any personalized items as he grows, so I instantly thought of ISEEME. His parents loved it. I also purchased the God Loves You and the Goodnight books. They are both so beautiful and personal.
Hello World
Review by Janet
This book is adorable! Sometimes you want that little something extra, something special and this book was it! I was thrilled to have it arrive while I was still visiting my newest grandson! I know he will enjoy reading about himself...our daughter & son-in-law loved it!!
Hello World
Review by Debbie
I ordered this book for my new grandson. It is better than I thought it would be. All of my friends just loved it and wanted to know how they could get one. I would highly recommend this company!
Review by Melissa
I ordered this book for my baby grandbaby. I am so impressed with the quality of this beautiful gift. I know Isabella will cherish this personalized gift for years to come.
Hello World
Review by Jen W
We have a few I See Me books that I've really enjoyed, so I was excited to buy Hello World for my baby nephew. Unfortunately, the picture I supplied printed very dark, much darker than the actual picture. Customer service said they would redo it as long as I paid for shipping, which I think is poor customer service, but said I'd pay because the current book's picture is so bad. I haven't heard again from them. This is a Christmas present. Today is Sun, 12/22, and I have no idea when the new one is coming.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear your first book did not turn out as expected. Our records show the book arrived on 12/23. We hope your nephew enjoys the book for years to come and we apologize for any inconvenience this caused.
Review by Maxine
I have bought 10 of the books. Starting out with their names and then the one about places to teach kids different cultures. I just ordered 2 birthday books. All are loved by everyone that sees them. Grandsons teacher loved them. Quality is great and fast shipping
Personalized Baby Book
Review by Donna
I bought this for a friend's baby and couldn't have been more pleased! I can't wait to get one for my grand baby when she gets here!
Hello World
Review by Suzi
The book was a real HIT. It was the perfect Christmas present. The CS people were great in helping me pick the best picture, one that wasn't blurry. I loved it!! Thanks
Hello World
Review by KrisElda
Purchased the book for our Goddaughter for Christmas. We love it and I know in time when she is older she will also love the book.
Hello World!
Review by Laura
I ordered this as a gift for our new grandson. I love the book and so do his parents!
Hello World! Personalized Boardbook
Review by William Hawkins
I think the book was wonderful. My only concern was the picture was not centered in the book. Also once you input all the information you should be able to review before submitting...

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear the picture was off center in your book. Once you enter your information on the order page, you can preview the book to review the information you entered. Please contact customer service for a book replacement. We have a 100% customer guarantee policy and are more than happy to replace your book.
Hello World
Review by Mary Anne
I bought this for my grandson. Great quality, great illustrations and love the personalization! I am so happy with this company.
hello world
Review by Ashley White
I LOVE this book!! We received it as a gift from our sons great aunt. I loved all the little details and plan to order one for my sons first birthday!!
Parents will love it!
Review by Elizabeth L.
Parents will love and appreciate everything about this personalized baby story book from the inclusion of so many details regarding their precious new little baby to the cute graphics and story. I actually cried reading this book for the first time, it is just absolutely perfect. Hello World! is a sure winner as a keepsake gift for any new little baby.
Super cute book
Review by KathyB
SUPER cute book!!! Adorable for my grandson's first book.
Personalized book new baby
Review by Rhiannon
Absolutely love this book. I see me has the best quality and content in personalized books that I have found anywhere.
Hello World
Review by Tanya
I just bought it for my nephew. His parents loved it. They had never seen or heard of it before, so it was a real surprise to see it personalized with such detail.
Hello World
Review by Morgan
I have enjoyed giving all of the I See Me! books as gifts, but this is the first board book I've ordered and I LOVE it. It is so wonderful for a child to be able to read/play with their own books without fear of ripping pages.
Hello World
Review by C
Very cute. It came very quickly. I didn't realize it is a board book.
great present!!
Review by jessie
We are ao pleased with the 2 books we have bought! They are excellent quality!!
Hello, World
Review by Peggy Akkeb
Hello World is probably the 5th or 6th book I have ordered. They are all great and make wonderful gifts that can be treasured for a very long time.
Hello World
Review by Steve Sperber
My nephew and his wife are thrilled with "Hello World" for their new born daughter. They have already began to introduce her to the book and her new world.
Hello World
Review by Diane
My friend loved this book for her daughter!! She cried. She loves the idea to add a photo of her baby girl!!
Great gift
Review by Nancy
Fabulous gift! Well done! Will definitely be purchasing again in the future.
Amazing Book! Amazing Customer Service!
Review by Kathleen
The book is adorable and was a big hit with the new parents. The book is of excellent quality and will surely be a cherished keepsake. I had a small issue in ordering and customer service was amazing as well!
Hello World, etc.
Review by Ethel Batiste
It's hard for me to review, because I've bought a total of 3 books. One for my new grandchild, one for my granddaughter's birthday and one for my other granddaughter for Christmas. Apparently I love these books. They are unique and personalized.
Review by New mama
Absolutely love these books I'm so happy I made the purchase I bought 3 different books one for my son and 2 others for my 2 new nephews and I can't wait to give it to them for Xmas
Review by Esther Carter
I ordered 2 books for our Great-Grandchildren. The quality is outstanding and we are just thrilled with the keepsake books. I will be ordering more :) Delivery was quick too!
Review by kathy ackerman
best ever loved the personal book I had made for my grandson would be cool if the pages had more options to add more pictures
Hello, World!
Review by Colleen
I just received my order which is a gift for a friend who just had a son. The quality is fabulous and they are so excited about the personalization of the book! It's great that all the facts of the birth are included in this book! Great illustrations too! Quality book!
Hello World
Review by Julie
I think that this book is great, and that my baby will enjoy having a book all about her. I am sure that it will bring her years of joy and help her love to read.
Hello World
Review by Amy
I bought "Hello World" for our granddaughter. Her mom and dad were thrilled to have a book just about their new daughter, and I'm sure she will think it's pretty special too as she's learning to read. The quality is excellent!
Review by Silvia Azpuru
I loved it ..the quality of the book is excellent great illustrations ... thanks
Hello World
Review by Barbara
Great quality, but disappointed that is so small.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the size of the book. Our board books are 6" x 6" and designed smaller for babies and toddlers to be able to hold the book with ease. The pages are thick and durable, so they can stand the test of time.
Hello World
Review by Kathy
I purchased "Hello World" for a dear friend and they loved it as much as I did. I'm sure they'll get years of enjoyment.
Great gift idea and book
Review by Kara
Such a great gift to welcome a new baby. Sent this to my sister in laws when my niece was born. She was thrilled and loved the personalization for such a special event. It took 10 days to deliver from date of order- said at least 2 weeks. We waited to order for after baby was born due to not knowing gender. I wanted to get the gift to her ASAP and it did when baby was just shy of 2 weeks. I will definitely be ordering more books for close friends who are expecting! It's a great congrats gift.
Hello World
Review by Judy
What a wonderful way...and very personalized way to welcome a new little life into the world! A treasure!
Lovely gift
Review by Angela
What a great gift for anyone with a new baby. I ordered it for my husband and we loved the content of the book and were also amazed by the quality of the print!
Hello World
Review by Terry Modory
I ordered the book as a gift for a friend. The book is adorable. I love the personalization. I have ordered other books from "I See Me", for my grandchildren. I have never been disappointed. I whole-heartedly recommend their books.

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Jennifer Dewing Author: Jennifer Dewing
Author Jennifer Dewing has always been a kid at heart. She started her career in the Toy Industry in 1995, developing children's products ranging from Matchbox cars to Madeline dolls. In 2006 Jennifer became a member of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Her personalized picture books "Who Loves Me?" and "A Christmas Bear for Me" have won Mom's Choice Gold awards and Creative Child awards. She is currently working on more personalized titles for I See Me! and enjoys reading her work to her own "focus group" of three kids at home!
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Holli’s artistic talent and creativity has been evident from a very early age. Although she excelled in many areas of school, art projects were always her favorite. In third grade, Holli’s art teacher presented her with a big green pencil case (which she still has today) for having the best drawing in the class. Today she is a digital and dimensional illustrator who illustrates in a whimsical style suitable for any application of illustration. From magazine, greeting cards and advertising, to CD covers, packaging and children’s books, Holli approaches each project with whimsy and creativity guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s (and parent’s) face. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising, Holli has the knowledge and experience of working with art directors, designers, copywriters and other creative types to collaborate on projects. She lives in Nashville, TN, where her husband, their daughter and son give her plenty of inspiration.