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Personalized Books

Your child will read these books over and over.

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Personalized Gifts for Kids

Everyone enjoys feeling special and children are no exception to that, which explains why customized gifts are so popular with kids. There is no better feeling as a child than receiving something that you can call your own. It’s yours, and your name or picture proves it.

I See Me! offers several other personalized products in addition to our storybooks, with a wide selection of personalized gifts tailored for every kid! We offer a variety of unique gifts including personalized board books, coloring books, growth charts, lunch boxes, placemats, puzzles, stickers, and of course, our personalized storybooks.

In addition, we offer combination gift sets, which feature a paired stuffed toy, medal, or other gift related to your very own story. Whether your daughter is about to become a big sister, or you have a toddler who loves pirates, we’ve got a gift combination that’s sure to please. Imagine the look on your little one’s face when she discovers her new coloring book is also a magical story, with her as the heroine!

When you give a child you love a personalized gift, you are giving them something special—something uniquely theirs that they can treasure for years to come.

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