Five Inspiring Earth Day Activities for Kids

Celebrate our Earth on April 22nd and support your environment with these family-friendly Earth Day activities!

Go on a Nature Walk

Discover the beauty and wonder of nature all around you! Take a walk around your neighborhood or at a free local park, and have your child point out everything interesting he or she sees. Take along paper and some crayons to draw some of your observations. Try finding unusual looking leaves or rocks and take them with you, to start your own nature collection!

DIY Bird Feeder and Recycle

Make your own bird feeder out of a toilet paper roll and teach your child about the importance of recycling! To make it, spread peanut butter around the toilet paper roll until it is fully covered. Then, roll the toilet paper roll in bird seed. With adult supervision, stick the paper roll through a tree branch to hang. Fun and easy, this spring activity provides an introductory lesson on recycling and helping nature.

Start Your Own Garden

Create a space outside in your yard or in a planter box and have your child plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Planting your own garden promotes exercise, discipline (watering every day, plucking weeds, etc.), and a passion for helping the environment. Encourage your child’s love of gardening and spend quality time together with another kid’s spring activity: coloring! The personalized Color in the Garden with Me Adult and Child Coloring Book has simplified pages for your child to color and an opposite page with more detailed designs!

Recycle Sorting Game

This sorting game is a long-lasting activity for kids and helps teach them problem-solving skills. Place two bins on a table. Label one bin “garbage” and the other “recycle.” Taking items from your house, ask your child to place the item in the correct bin. You can also point to objects around the room and see if your child can sort the object. Try a variety of items, including plastic bottles, Kleenex boxes, cardboard, plastic bags, hair clips, and fruit peelings.

Inspire Kids to Change the World with Storytime

Reading inspiring books can empower your child to believe in themselves and their ability to affect change in people and the environment. The personalized storybook I Can Change the World!, for example, encourages children to perform acts of kindness, big and small, to make a larger impact on their surroundings. My Little Book of Blessings is a personalized book that will help teach children about compassion, gratitude, and friendship. For animal lovers, My Farm Friends is a personalized story that introduces young children to life on the farm and teaches about responsibility.