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December 2017

5-year-old birthday party

Gift Ideas for Your Niece & Nephew

Is there anything better than being known as the cool aunt or uncle? We really don’t think there is. You’re the one kids want to be around, to tell their secrets and dreams to, and generally have fun. The bond between you and your nephew or niece will last a lifetime. Being the coolest relative does come with some demands. After all, that level of coolness means you’re sure to give the coolest gifts, right?

parents and children reading in bed

Bedtime Routine Guideline

Children need good quality sleep for health, growth, and mood—as anyone who’s ever dealt with a sleepy toddler can attest. A regular, consistent childhood bedtime routine helps children relax in the time before bed, and be less likely to resist bedtime—two factors that influence how well they sleep at night. This childhood bedtime routine guide will help you determine how much sleep your child needs, and how to create a bedtime routine you can both

girl reading a christmas book

Our Top 5 Christmas Books for Kids

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we love Christmas books at I See Me. The only things better than Christmas books for kids, in our opinion, are personalized children’s Christmas books. There’s just something magical about the look on a child’s face when he or she realizes they’re part of their own Christmas story. We’re often asked what our favorite Christmas books for kids are. The following are our five favorites. My Very

New years eve

5 New Year’s Eve Activities for Families

As children get old enough to understand the celebration, they’ll want to be part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations. With that in mind, we’ve collected five New Year’s Eve activities for families we think you’ll enjoy.

warm winter baby outfit

Tips for Dressing Babies Warm for Winter

Unlike adults, babies do not shiver to stay warm when they’re cold, so properly dressing babies warm for winter is an important parental responsibility. Not enough warm baby clothes will result in a chilled baby. Too many clothes and baby can overheat. Here’s some advice for dressing babies warm for winter. Layering for Warmth Layering is essential for dressing babies in the winter, as you can remove or add layers as you go in and

baby boy in pajamas with stars celebrates Christmas

Tis the Season: Cute Baby Holiday Outfits

The winter holidays provide so many options for dressing baby up in festive outfits. Parties, photos with Santa, religious services, and family gatherings all call for the best baby winter outfits, be they cute reindeer onesies or formal wear. We’ve got some baby holiday outfit ideas to help you keep your little ones festive and comfortable. Baby Holiday Outfit Ideas for the Photo Studio For many families, the holidays are the time for an annual

grandmother and granddaughter baking cookies

Family Holiday Activities

Every family has its holiday traditions. Some are almost universal, like watching It’s a Wonderful Life or the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Others are unique to families—traditions and family holiday activities that go back years, if not generations. Starting your own family activities builds on the traditions of yesteryear, creating a special set of fun activities your children will look forward to year after year. Here are a few simple suggestions that can

One Year Old boy celebrating birthday

Documenting Baby’s Milestones

Baby’s first year is a year of wonder and firsts—first smile, first word, first tentative steps, and many more—as baby explores her environment and learns about the world. It’s important to document baby milestones, both for medical reasons and your memories of this magical time. When everything baby does for the first time seems a milestone, it can be difficult to decide which events are worth recording. It’s also easy to miss an important baby

French bulldog sit and looking

DIY Pet Costumes for the Holidays

The holidays can be just as exciting for your pet as you. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays offer plenty of opportunities for pets to interact with family and friends. Pet costumes help your fur babies take part in all the fun while looking adorable. Know Your Pet Not every pet has the temperament for pet costumes. Some love the idea, and take to costumes immediately. Some need plenty of treats and training to accept

mom and baby smiling in a sunflower field

How to Congratulate Someone on Their New Baby

Knowing how to congratulate someone on their new baby is a great skill to develop, and trust us, it is a skill. Knowing when to drop by to visit, what to bring, and when to offer help will make you the new parents’ favorite friend or relative (not counting baby of course). Here are some suggestions on how to congratulate someone on their new baby the new mom and dad will really appreciate. Visiting In