8 Superhero Games and Activities for Kids

Kids love superheroes, and it’s no wonder! They’re brave, confident, and they help people in need. With these superhero games and activities for kids, your child will see why it’s fun to be a superhero and maybe pick up some of these qualities as they play! For more inspiration, the personalized book Super Kid! lets your child be the superhero, with different super powers. Your child can wear the mask and matching cape and feel like he or she can save the world!

Hot Lava

Use your X-Ray vision to detect danger and move across the lava stream! To play, set up pillows around your living room and have your kids hop across each one to safely cross the path.

Super Speed Race

Shift into hyper speed and see which superhero will win! Draw a finish line with spray paint or tape in your backyard and use a timer to catch your super racers in action. This superhero activity also encourages kids to be active and to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before school starts.

Build Your Own Force Field

Even the bravest superheroes need a protective shield. You’ll need:

  • A hula hoop
  • Plastic wrap
  • Masking tape
  • Duct tape

Tape sheets of plastic wrap across a hula hoop and create your own force field. Cut two long pieces of duct tape and attach them together, leaving only the ends open. Then, attach the ends to your plastic. Now you have a strap to hold up your force field as a shield!

Body Twisting

Use your super flexibility to twist your body into supernatural shapes! Turn this activity into a game by creating your own game board and spinner, to see what shape you should twist into next. You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paperclip
  • Masking tape

Cut a piece of cardboard into a square and cut another piece of cardboard into an arrow shape (to act as your spinner). With markers, draw a large circle onto the square cardboard and divide it into triangles. Mark each triangle with a body twisting shape, such as: pretzel, handstand, back bend, ball, snake, etc. Straighten out a paperclip and curl one end with a pliers (parental supervision required). Stick the paperclip through the cardboard arrow and into the center of the circle. Bend the end of the paperclip underneath the board, and cover the exposed end with a piece of tape (to avoid anyone cutting themselves!). Now you have a spinner to play!

Jump Contest

Use your superhero jumping skills to leap over tall buildings! Place pieces of rope or sticks in your yard to set up different jump lines. Then, see if you can jump to the next spot, at longer and longer distances!

Treasure Hunt

Superhero headquarters received top secret information that there’s pirate treasure buried somewhere in your area! Use your superhero detective skills to decipher the clues and find it. For this superhero game, hide clues around your house or yard that hint at where the next treasure piece is located. At each clue spot, you can hide a part of the treasure such as candy, a small toy, a piece of pirate gold, or parts of a pirate costume (an eye patch, a toy bird, etc.). End the night with a swashbuckling, personalized story such as My Very Own Pirate Tale, so kids can continue their pirate adventure!

Hide & Seek

Activate your powers of invisibility and keep yourself hidden while a parent or friend seeks you out!

Transformation Magic

Unleash your magic powers with this STEM superhero activity for kids! You’ll need:

  • Food coloring in multiple colors
  • A glass with water
  • A paper cup
  • Household bleach

Add a mix of food coloring to water until it is muddy. Then, pour household bleach into a small paper cup and let your child pour it into the glass. Watch as the bleach removes nearly all of the color from the water! To avoid a mess, do this activity outside. Your child will be amazed as he uses his superhero magic powers to transform the muddy glass back into water!