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April 2017

Spring Cleaning Games for Kids

How to get your kids to help with spring cleaning? It’s not as hard as it sounds with these fun spring cleaning games. Race the Clock! This is a fantastic way to collect items that belong in another room. Put a Rubbermaid container or cardboard box in the middle of the room and set a kitchen timer for five to ten minutes. Kids and adults must race the timer to find everything that needs to

5 Gifts for Grandparents

A child’s love for a grandparent is a special, powerful emotion. The generation gap doesn’t matter—grandparents and children are a natural pairing. Help your children express their love with one of these five personal gifts for grandparents, and put smiles on both young and not-quite-so-young faces. Crafts If your children enjoy making crafts, why not have them make some for their grandparents? The internet has a multitude of imaginative crafts kids can make for their

Activities for Kids and their Grandparents

National Grandparents’ Day is celebrated in the US on 10th September, but really, any day grandparents and grandchildren get together is a special day. Strengthen that special bond even more with these Grandparents’ Day Activities for kids. Have a No-Parent Day The best grandparents’ activities with grandchildren often happen when no parents are around to spoil the fun. Take the grandkids on a lunch date, go to the zoo, visit a museum, or go to

7 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Grandparents

Grandparents offer kids much more than a kindly pat on the head and home-baked cookies. Research is increasingly proving that children who enjoy active relationships with their grandparents reap multiple benefits, from gaining a sense of family history to being happier than those who grow up without access to their parents’ parents. Here are a few of the many reasons you should be glad if your child has grandparents in his or her life. Values

Creative Ways to Personalize your Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorations always a fun kids’ craft, even if you wind up boiling so many eggs you wind up eating egg salad sandwiches for the next week. But kids, being kids, quickly tire of simple food-dyed Easter eggs. This year, give them some fun Easter egg designs they’ll love. Sparkle Dot Eggs For these elegant little eggs, you’ll need decorative colored sugar, clear adhesive dots you can buy at most craft stores, and, of

Custom Easter Gifts for your Kid’s Easter Basket

Every year, grocery and department stores stock up on pre-made Easter baskets. Most are filled with copious amounts of crinkly paper, cheap, mass-produced toys that break easily, and low-quality, waxy chocolate. Your child deserves better than this. With a little thought, you can make your own baskets of personalized Easter gifts kids will love. Pick a Theme Does your child enjoy crafts, or is she more of an outdoor adventurer? Let your child’s personality guide