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The History of Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day occurs on the fourteenth of February. Originally a Catholic saint’s day, Valentine’s Day evolved over the years. Today it’s a day devoted to love and romance. Every year, millions of people across the globe exchange Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, and roses. Restaurants fill with

valentines crafts

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas: How to Make a Valentine

Every year the big stores stock up on cheap kids’ Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, all of which miss the point of the day. Valentine’s Day is about personal expressions of love. We’d rather get a uniquely personalized gift over a generic card any day (as you might easily guess

valentines party

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Valentine’s Day offers so many ways to show how much you love your children—and plenty of opportunities to help kids show they love their friends and classmates. Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for kids is a fun way to commemorate the day. We’ve got a bunch of Valentine’s Day ideas

New years eve

5 New Year’s Eve Activities for Families

As children get old enough to understand the celebration, they’ll want to be part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations. With that in mind, we’ve collected five New Year’s Eve activities for families we think you’ll enjoy.

baby boy in pajamas with stars celebrates Christmas

Tis the Season: Cute Baby Holiday Outfits

The winter holidays provide so many options for dressing baby up in festive outfits. Parties, photos with Santa, religious services, and family gatherings all call for the best baby winter outfits, be they cute reindeer onesies or formal wear. We’ve got some baby holiday outfit ideas to help you keep

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Family Holiday Activities

Every family has its holiday traditions. Some are almost universal, like watching It’s a Wonderful Life or the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Others are unique to families—traditions and family holiday activities that go back years, if not generations. Starting your own family activities builds on the traditions of

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DIY Pet Costumes for the Holidays

The holidays can be just as exciting for your pet as you. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays offer plenty of opportunities for pets to interact with family and friends. Pet costumes help your fur babies take part in all the fun while looking adorable. Know Your Pet Not every

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Top 25 I See Me Gifts

Wondering which personalized gift to buy for your child this Christmas? We’ve put together twenty-five of our most popular products in this kids’ gift guide, from long-standing favorites to some of our exciting new releases. This is more than a kid’s book gift guide—we’ve included gift sets for imaginative play,

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Teaching Kids to Give Back this Holiday Season

The holiday season is an excellent time for teaching kids charity. They’re already observing how friends and family give each other gifts over the holidays, but they also need to be introduced to the joys of giving to the less fortunate and people they don’t know. Watching your kids giving

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Halloween Craft Ideas: Spotlight on Pumpkins!

It’s October, which means it’s time for Halloween craft ideas. This year we’re focusing on pumpkin crafts because what’s Halloween without a big grinning jack-o-lantern? Playdough Pumpkins Pumpkin carving is the basis for many Halloween craft ideas, but small children lack the hand-to-eye coordination to safely handle a knife. Rather