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October 2017

baby celebrating first birthday

Last Minute Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are important milestones for children, and as parents, we try our best to make each birthday as special as possible. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way, and we find ourselves scrambling to put a party together with little time to prepare.   Last Minute Birthday Ideas We’ve listed a few last-minute birthday ideas to help arrange a great party at a moment’s notice. For the party itself, consider some of these options:  

girl listening to music

Kids Sing Along Songs for the Whole Family to Enjoy

In today’s work of smartphones, on-demand television, and electronic distractions, kids’ sing-along songs sometimes feel like part of a different era. They don’t have to be though. Kids of all ages still love to sing, whether they’re belting out a tune at a karaoke party or singing around a family campfire.   The Benefits of Singing Singing teaches children many of the skills they’ll need in school. When you sing, you need to consider patterns

kid ready for road trip

Road Trip Activities for Learning

Travel, they say, broadens the mind. This is as true for kids as it is for adults. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean children must stop learning. Use these suggestions to help keep little minds active while you travel.   Find the Color I Spy is a time-honored road trip game, but it can get a little too complicated for younger travelers—not to mention how difficult it is to play I Spy when

dad and boys reading a book

How to Get Your Kids Back into the Habit of Studying

School’s back in session, and the novelty of seeing old friends, a new classroom, and a new teacher has begun to fade, to be replaced by the hard work of studying. We’ve collected a few studying tips for kids to help keep them on top of their homework, reading, and test preparation.   Keep Them Organized A planner is an excellent tool for tracking assignments, quizzes, and to-do lists, and teaches children the value of

girl coloring

3 Fall Crafts for Kids

The changing seasons fascinate kids. Watching the green leaves of summer turn to golden brown and yellow is exciting—and a reminder Halloween is just around the corner (and then Thanksgiving! And then the winter holidays!). Help your little ones welcome the new season with these three fall crafts for kids.   Leaf People Fall transforms gardens and familiar parks as the leaves turn color and fall. Take a walk with the kids to look for