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January 2017

Getting Your Child Involved in Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

January 31st is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, a day set aside to appreciate and explore art in all its forms. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your child to the arts, either by enjoying other people’s works or making your own masterpieces. Here’s six ways to enjoy this national day of art appreciation.   Visit an Art Gallery Visiting an art gallery or museum’s art collection is a great idea if you have

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The new year is a time for fresh starts and resolutions—many of them focusing on healthier, more active lifestyles. Those of us who find it easiest to stick with our resolutions are usually those with the most practice working towards goals and establishing new, positive habits. This makes New Year’s resolutions for kids so important—by helping children attain healthy goals now, you encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles as they grow into adults.   New

Top Names Used in I See Me! Products in 2016

Working with personalized children’s books is always a delight for us—there’s something wonderful about knowing you’ve contributed to the smile blossoming over a child’s face as he realizes he’s the star of his own story.   The job comes with another perk, which we didn’t really count on. By tracking the most popular names requested for inclusion in our books, growth charts, and other products, we get a clear view of which children’s names are

Memory Improvement Games for Kids

Memory improvement games have plenty of benefits beyond improving a child’s ability to recall items. Such games encourage focus, improve concentration, and encourage the development of a child’s cognitive skills. A good memory helps children in all aspects of life. Here’s five memory improvement games kids will want to play again and again.   Alphabet Kisses You’re probably familiar with memory card games, where players match cards which are placed face down. Alphabet Kisses is

Hot Chocolate Toppings for Kids

One of the great joys in life—according to I See Me staff at least—is the moment just before taking that first creamy sip of a mug of steaming hot chocolate. You’ve been playing outside, and your fingers are still cold as they wrap around the mug. You breath in the warm aroma rising from under the dollop of slowly melting marshmallows, then take your first sip. Ah, perfection!   If we’ve got a complaint about

DIY Snow Globes

Snow globes fascinate children—and adults too for that matter. There’s something deeply relaxing about watching glittery snow swirl around inside the globe on a cold winter’s night.   DIY snow globes are even better. With a little supervision, children can make these winter crafts as gifts for grandparents, friends, and school teachers. Just remember to make one the child can keep as well!   To make DIY snow globes, you’ll need:   Glass jars with

5 Fun Winter Games for Kids

When people think of winter games for kids, they tend to think of the old standbys—snowball fights, building snowmen, making snow angels, and tobogganing. Wonderful though these activities are, we think the winter months hold many more opportunities for fun and play. Here’s five fun winter games for kids we think your family will love. Frozen Bubbles Blowing bubbles is always fun, even when the temperature drops. Once the thermometer drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

5 Fun Snowflake Crafts

When it’s too cold to play outside and children need something to do, why not explore the world of winter crafts? Snowflake crafts really catch children’s imagination. The natural beauty and symmetry of a snowflake can be reproduced easily with these simple, fun projects.   Stained Glass Snowflakes Stained glass snowflakes are easy winter crafts to complete, require few materials to make, and look great taped to a bright sunny window. To make your snowflakes,