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November 2017

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How to Keep Your Kids from Getting Sick

Winter time means it’s cold season, which means families with children are on full alert for signs of the sniffles. How to keep your kids from getting sick is a complex issue. While we can’t ensure your kids will never get sick, here are some health tips of children to help keep your risk of colds and flus to a minimum. Wash Your Hands Everyone in the house should know how to wash their hands

10 Moms Who Personalized Books

At I See Me, we love hearing about the experiences children have with our personalized books. Here are ten mommy bloggers thoughts on the joys and benefits of customized children’s books. Echo (The Mad Mommy) Blog | Instagram | Facebook Echo blogs as the Mad Mommy. Raised in the Twin Cities, she writes about the things she loves, including her kids, husband, cooking, coffee, and laughter. She says laughter is especially important, because when you’re

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Kids Name Books for Special Occasions

The naming of a child is an important event, whether it’s during a christening, baptism, a Jewish b’rit bat, or an informal, secular naming party. Naming a child is an opportunity to welcome a baby into the family, the community, and the larger world. It’s a time that should be both celebrated and commemorated. Giving a newly-named child a kid’s name book is an ideal way to honor her new name. Fairies, animals, and other

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Learning to Read: 5 Ways to Spike Your Child’s Interest in Reading

Teaching your child to read is a long and involved process and one that won’t yield results overnight. Every child learns to read at her own pace, and with her own setbacks and successes. Here are five ways to foster a love of books and reading in your child that will last a lifetime. Read to Your Child How to teach your child to read begins with this one simple piece of advice: read to

mother and child reading a book together at home

Choosing Books for Kindergarten Classes

Building a library of books for kindergarten classes takes time, and teachers are always on the lookout for new reading material to help little ones develop a love of reading. Here are some of the most popular types of books for kindergarten storytime. Big, Bright, and Colorful Illustrations help young readers follow a story—it’s one reason why personalized children’s books like My Very Own Name are illustrated by award-winning artists. During storytime, you’ll be showing

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Top 25 I See Me Gifts

Wondering which personalized gift to buy for your child this Christmas? We’ve put together twenty-five of our most popular products in this kids’ gift guide, from long-standing favorites to some of our exciting new releases. This is more than a kid’s book gift guide—we’ve included gift sets for imaginative play, a new personalized board game for the whole family and, of course, beautifully-illustrated customized books to make your child’s holiday season even more magical than

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Baptism Etiquette: Tips for Christenings & Baptisms

A baptism or christening is a formal religious event during which a child is baptized into the faith. To be invited to a baptism is an honor, as such events are usually intimate affairs only attended by relatives and close friends. If this is the first time you’re arranging to have your child baptized, you may have questions about how to arrange the event and how to act. If you’ve been invited to attend a

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Make Your Child the Star with a My Name Book

A My Name Book is more than just a story—it’s a unique keepsake that reinforces your child’s self-esteem. Each of I See Me’s name books makes the child the star of the story, whether they’re holding court in a fairy kingdom, going on a world adventure, or sailing the seas as a bold pirate.   Why are Name Books So Special? children have deep connections to their own names. For them, their name is who

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Pumpkin-Inspired Recipes for Kids

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the humble pumpkin becomes one of America’s most popular foods. If you’re making pumpkin treats for the family, why not get the kids involved? Our selection of kid-friendly pumpkin recipes will help you teach children the basics of cooking while whipping up some tasty treats. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes These pumpkin treats are delicious. They’re also gluten-free, making them ideal for family members who have gluten sensitivities. You’ll need:       1/3 cup

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Benefits of Coloring with Your Kids

It’s becoming clear adults as well as kids enjoy the benefits of coloring. A whole range of adult coloring books are now available for older members of the family. Parents can color their grown-up books while kids use their own, or you can find coloring books designed for parents and children to color together.   The Benefits of Coloring Books for Children For such a simple activity, coloring helps children develop a wide spectrum of