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Personalized Children’s Books

Learn how personalized children’s books can deliver smiles of joy and delight by making every child, family, and pet feel special!

Personalized children’s books, featuring the child’s name and photo, offer a treasure trove of benefits that extend beyond mere entertainment. These books engage and enrich young minds in unique and lasting ways.

Encourage a Love of Reading

Firstly, personalized children’s books spark an early love for reading by placing the child at the heart of the story. The incorporation of the child’s name, along with details like their hometown or favorite activities, creates an immediate connection, making the reading experience deeply engaging and relatable. This personalization cultivates a positive attitude towards books, encouraging kids to explore more literature as they grow.

Introduce Life Lessons

Moreover, these books can impart valuable life lessons and moral values in a subtle and effective manner. By weaving the child into the narrative, personalized books can address challenges or scenarios they might encounter. This helps children better understand and navigate their emotions and relationships.

Build Your Child’s Confidence

Additionally, personalized stories boost self-esteem and confidence. Witnessing their name in print empowers children, reinforcing their sense of self and individuality. This validation can have a profound impact on their self-image, fostering a strong sense of self-worth that carries into other aspects of life.

Share Memories Together

Personalized children’s books also have the potential to strengthen family bonds. Reading together becomes a shared experience that not only nurtures literacy skills but also creates cherished memories. These books often become keepsakes, symbolizing moments of togetherness and love.

In conclusion, personalized children’s books are more than just delightful tales; they are tools of empowerment, education, and connection. By merging personal details with imaginative narratives, these books inspire a lifelong love for reading, teach essential life lessons, boost self-esteem, and enhance family relationships. Discover how these tailored stories will provide a timeless and invaluable gift for your own child’s growth and development!

Introducing Display-and-Play Gift Boxes with Interactive Designs!

I See Me! is launching a new line of colorful gift boxes for kids and families to reuse and recycle! We’re offering one beautiful gift box to fit with our three book sizes. Each box comes in a new colorful design, with an illustrated surprise inside! Now you can play with our boxes and display them on a child’s bookshelf. Inspirational Quote Gift Box Board books come in our Inspirational Quote Box! Open the lid

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It’s never too early to get a unique and special gift for everyone on your list! Our Christmas gift guide is full of personalized gifts for children, new parents, families, and game-loving adults! This holiday season things may be looking a little different. Online shopping makes gift giving easy. Send your love with personalized gifts to all your loved ones, no matter the distance. A grandmother, aunt, or child will love receiving a custom Christmas

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Practice reading at home with these fun monster-themed activities for kids! Perfect for distance learning, homeschool, or extra practice outside of the classroom, these reading activities will engage kids to make learning fun. Cute monsters make literacy practice less scary or intimidating. Plus a monster theme ties in perfectly to Halloween or a monster unit at school! There are preschool activities, activities for toddlers, and ideas for kindergartners or elementary school children. Try some of

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People sometimes ask me how I balance being a mom of three kids, a wife and the co-founder and president of I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books, which is the largest publisher of personalized children’s books in the U.S. As a bit of background, our company has sold millions of copies of our personalized books on and through retailers such as Nordstrom, Shutterfly and Pottery Barn Kids. Our customers include A-list celebrities such as

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When a child opens a gift, you can almost always expect it to be mass-produced. The teddy bear she got for her birthday, her tricycle, and her clothes were all made by the thousands—if not millions. The importance of personalized gifts is that they aren’t “cookie cutter” gifts. A Unique Gift When you give a personalized game to a child, most children intuitively know they’re receiving something unique. The gift has their name or picture

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At I See Me, we love hearing about the experiences children have with our personalized books. Here are ten mommy bloggers thoughts on the joys and benefits of customized children’s books. Echo (The Mad Mommy) Blog | Instagram | Facebook Echo blogs as the Mad Mommy. Raised in the Twin Cities, she writes about the things she loves, including her kids, husband, cooking, coffee, and laughter. She says laughter is especially important, because when you’re

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The naming of a child is an important event, whether it’s during a christening, baptism, a Jewish b’rit bat, or an informal, secular naming party. Naming a child is an opportunity to welcome a baby into the family, the community, and the larger world. It’s a time that should be both celebrated and commemorated. Giving a newly-named child a kid’s name book is an ideal way to honor her new name. Fairies, animals, and other

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Make Your Child the Star with a My Name Book

A My Name Book is more than just a story—it’s a unique keepsake that reinforces your child’s self-esteem. Each of I See Me’s name books makes the child the star of the story, whether they’re holding court in a fairy kingdom, going on a world adventure, or sailing the seas as a bold pirate.   Why are Name Books So Special? children have deep connections to their own names. For them, their name is who

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Working with personalized children’s books is always a delight for us—there’s something wonderful about knowing you’ve contributed to the smile blossoming over a child’s face as he realizes he’s the star of his own story.   The job comes with another perk, which we didn’t really count on. By tracking the most popular names requested for inclusion in our books, growth charts, and other products, we get a clear view of which children’s names are

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Looking for ideas for a Halloween costume for your child? Browse the books on with your child to come up with ideas! Your child will have not only a clever costume but also a “story” that goes along with it! Here are 10 dress-up ideas inspired by I See Me! books (for Halloween and year-round dress-up/pretend play, too!): 1.    Princess:  Awaken your child’s inner princess by helping her get dressed up in a