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Mother’s Day Activities for Your Super Mom

Celebrate an incredible super mom this Mother’s Day! Moms are hard-working, creative, multi-tasking champions. They are real-life superheroes, giving us life and providing us endless support and love. For the super mom in your life, we’ve created a list of Mother’s Day activities you can do at home! These simple and thoughtful activities are perfect for every mom—the stay-at-home mom, the working mom, a mother-in-law, or a grandparent. These are also great Mother’s Day ideas you can do together as a family. While moms are certainly superheroes, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel anxiety or exhaustion. Make this special day a relaxing and peaceful one. Try an activity or two that gives mom a whole day of fun. She deserves it!

7 Mother’s Day Activities for Your Super Mom

Play games and start a puzzle.

Mom will love a day filled with laugher and friendly competition! Spend the day playing her favorite board games or start a puzzle. You can also surprise her with a puzzle gift that morning to put together. The best Mother’s Day gifts are thoughtful and meaningful. Personalized puzzles are especially heartfelt, featuring the mom’s name or photo. A 500-piece custom family tree puzzle that features family names will warm her heart. If you’re looking for photo-personalized gifts, a photo puzzle will be a big hit! Turn mom’s favorite photo or a picture of mom into a 500-piece puzzle that the whole family can put together.

Order her favorite takeout food and watch movies.

Get cozy on the couch and enjoy a relaxing movie day. Watch her favorite flicks, give her first pick of the snacks, and spend a peaceful day together. In between movies, surprise her with a sweet Mother’s Day gift. Rather than jewelry or a card, take your gift giving to the next level with a personalized gift like a Mother’s Day book. My Super Mom is a custom book that honors all the things she does for her family. Customize the book with her name, photo, skin tone, hair color, and a special dedication message. This keepsake will be treasured for years to come, and a gift she can read on the couch with her family.

Have a spa day at home with morning yoga flow and a bubble bath.

Treat mom to a day at the spa, all from the comfort of her home. Start the day with an online yoga flow class. There’s also kid-friendly yoga classes you can take as a family. Mom can soak her stretched muscles in a soothing bubble bath with candles and a good book. Complete your spa day with an at-home mani-pedi. Children can get involved too, painting their nails and trying out a kid-safe mud facial.

Bake desserts together.

Appeal to mom’s sweet tooth and bake up a bunch of delicious treats! This Mother’s Day activity brings the whole family together for fun in the kitchen, making mom’s favorite desserts. Test your skills and try baking a two-layered Mother’s Day cake. For choco-holics, whip up a batch of brownies or chocolate cupcakes with candy hearts. Go crazy baking treats and remember: calories don’t count on Mother’s Day!

Plan a paint and wine party at home.

Set up your own paint and wine event in your house! All you need is paper or canvas, brushes, paint, and mom’s favorite wine. Kids can paint with mom and enjoy a glass of sparkling juice. This is a great Mother’s day idea for the creative, artistic mom. It also helps children learn how to express themselves with art!

Go on a family hike.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature with a family hike. Visit a local state park or take a camper road trip to a good hiking spot. If there’s still snow in your state, put on some heavy-duty winter hiking boots and hit the trails! You can also go snowshoeing if there’s enough snow on the ground. This is a also perfect Mother’s Day activity for kids. Mom will love breathing the fresh air and taking in the beauty of nature.

Start an indoor garden.

Perfect for the plant-loving mom, this Mother’s Day gift brings spring indoors! Kickstart her indoor garden with a few plants and blooms. You can also gift her an indoor garden kit so she can grow herbs and vegetables at home! Get the whole family involved to help water and tend to the garden. It’s a fun activity for mom and a learning activity for kids, to discover how herbs and vegetables grow.