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My Sing-Along Book and Songs

My Sing-Along Book and Personalized Music


My Sing-Along Book and Personalized Music


A delightful personalized book, personalized music CD and MP3 digital download of the music, all personalized with your child’s name throughout the text and music!



Product Details

Sing, dance and clap! My Sing-Along Songs includes a hardcover personalized book and a CD featuring twelve classic children’s songs, personalized with your child’s name! You’ll also receive an MP3 digital download of the personalized music.

  1. The Wheels on the Bus
  2. If You're Happy and You Know It
  3. You Are My Sunshine
  4. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  5. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  6. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  7. The Hokey Pokey
  8. This Is The Way The Ladies Ride
  9. This Old Man
  10. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  11. ABCs
  12. Old MacDonald's Farm

The book features all the lyrics from these popular playtime songs, all personalized with your child’s name! Gift givers can also include a custom dedication and a photo to make the book extra special. You and your child will enjoy singing the songs together at bedtime, playtime, or when you’re “on the go” in the car!

Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 0-8
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages: 20 pages

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Product Reviews

Wow, that's all I can say! Review by ADawson


I just had to let you know how thrilled my 2 yr. old granddaughter is with her personalized book and CD! She loves music and is so excited to see and hear her name in all of her favorite songs! This has to be one of the greatest gifts I've given her! She will not put it down, rolls around on the floor singing and laughing ecstatically!

20 month old grandson loves his music cd Review by Midwest Nana


My 20 month old grandson loves hearing his name on the music. When the cd stops he tries to turn back on.

So fun. So personal. Review by Marysa N


It is fun to see his ears perk up as the song really grabs his attention because it has his name in it. Plus, this book includes song verses that I did not even knew existed.

This book and CD combo is in a class all to its own. Review by Shannon H.


It takes sing-along books to another level by personalizing the pages with your child's name, and having a personalized CD! I can still remember Brielle's face when she heard the singer say her name on the CD. Brielle LOVES this book. I know if we are having a meltdown, this book/CD combo will shake those negative feelings away and invite happiness in.

We love it! Review by Rose D


The personalized children’s CD enhances good listening skills, as well as a love for music. It is a great tool in assisting with name recognition, inspiring creative expression and building self esteem. My daughter got so excited when she heard her name in the songs. Within moments we were both up singing and doing the actions to many of the songs she already knows and loves.

This fun present makes him so happy. Review by Crissa R.


First of all he LOVES books. He also loves to open the book and see the picture of him. When we read it together he loves to hear his name in the song.

We love this company! Review by Natasha S.


My daughter is in LOVE with her book and songs! Her face lights up everytime she hears her name!

Watch someone you love fill with joy when they hear their names in their favorite songs! Review by Jennifer G


This book would make an amazing gift this holiday season! It’s not only beautifully written and illustrated, but it’s got your Children’s name throughout the songs. This book has so many songs in that your child will already know and now they can sing them with their names in it!

Very Cool! Review by Sammi R


How cool is this personalized sing-along book and cd set? Every child loves to have personalized items, but to actually be included in the music is so exciting! I even got a kick out of it and I haven't been a child for many years. Such classic songs are included on the CD as the wheels on the bus, this old man, the itsy bitsy spider and many more. The songs have your child's name clearly sung throughout each song many times. Your little one will definitely be the star of the show now!

Fun set! Review by Kristin L


There’s something so fun about singing with my family. Our youngest loves to sing and play and so music and books are great things for her at this age. She’s so busy exploring the world and so it’s nice to connect with her with books and music.

A great gift Review by Maria


Excellent gift to any baby I love it.

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