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Happy Birthday

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A personalized birthday book makes that special day just a little more magical. A customized storybook reinforces what children already know - that on this one special day, they're the heroes.

I bought this book for my granddaughter's 1st birthday and was so excited when I opened it. It truly is perfect! This is something she will always have and as she gets older will love how personalized almost every page is. Additionally she will always know it was from her grandparents.
- Review By Susan

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Personalized Baby Books & Gifts

Birthdays are magical times for children. On their special day they’re the center of attention. They’re the reason for the cake, and the presents, and the party games. With one or two exceptions, a birthday is a kid’s most anticipated day of year.


Personalized birthday books & gifts and books make the day even more magical. Customized gifts such as the My Very Happy Birthday Book & our selection of colorful growth charts, placemats, and puzzles all reinforce the special nature of birthdays by proudly displaying your child’s name, reminding her that today she’s the star of the show and the hero of the story.

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