Personalized gifts for your furry friend.

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Personalized Gifts for Pet Lovers

Celebrate your furry family member with unique, personalized pet gifts. Custom books for cat lovers and dog lovers include the names of your pet and up to four family members (children or adults), two photos, and a special dedication message. Create a heartwarming, keepsake gift by customizing the illustrated pet in the book to look like your own furry friend—choose from multiple breeds and colors! Make a book for a Golden retriever, Labrador retriever, German shepherd, poodle, pug, Yorkshire terrier, sphinx, Persian, and more!

Custom pet gifts make both pet and owner feel special and loved. With the ability to make a book for a pet that has passed (putting the story into the past tense), you can memorialize your beloved pet.

Personalized gifts for dog lovers make pawsome presents, encouraging families to read together with their pets. Make your dog feel special with an embroidered bandana, a dog food placemat, or a holiday ornament featuring the pet’s name and photo. Personalized pet books for the cat or dog-loving family will spark a love of reading in young children and help children bond with their pets. A personalized book for cat lovers is a purr-fect cat present, whether you read the book or whether your cat claims it as a new napping mat!

These thoughtful pet gifts are fun for any occasion. Give the joy of personalized story books to animal lovers and their cuddly companions.