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Celebrate the older brother or sister with an extra-special gift.

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New Big Sister or Brother

Make sure older children know they're loved and appreciated with a customized big brother or personalized big sister book. Whimsically illustrated and beautifully written Super, Incredible Big Brother and Big Sister books are the perfect way to remind older siblings they're valued members of the family while offering suggestions on how to help with the new baby.

Each personalized big brother book or big sister book is customized with the names of the older child and the new baby, and comes with an award medal celebrating the older child's new status as an incredible big brother or sister. Personalized books are also available for children who just became the older siblings of twins.

Begin to build a positive relationship between older children and their young siblings early with the Who Loves Me? for Siblings book. This warm, colorful book features the names of both children, and all the family and friends who love them both! Melodious rhymes remind both children they are loved equally, building bonds that will last a lifetime.