Celebrate your child’s adoption with a very special keepsake gift.

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From Infancy and Up

If the adopted child is an infant or toddler, our durable, beautiful board books make the perfect keepsakes. Each board book includes the new family member's name and photo and is tough enough to withstand little hands. Adopted children aren't always babies, however. For older children, I See Me's line of personalized illustrated storybooks make great adoption gifts. Written by award-winning writers and lavishly illustrated, each book is customized to reflect the name of the new family member. Choose from books spelling out children's names or listing the family members who love them.

A Little Something Extra Our Book Gift Sets combine a personalized book with a comforting blanket or stuffed toy for unforgettable adoption gifts. While little ones play with the new toy, parents can make sure the book is kept for bedtime reading, ensuring the book survives for the child's future. Our My Very Own Name Gift Set includes the My Very Own Name storybook, Kirby the stuffed frog, and a t-shirt embroidered with the illustrated letter of your choice.

Gifts for Siblings & Adoption Whether older siblings are biologically related or adopted themselves, they can feel anxious when a new family member comes home. Remind older siblings they are loved with personalized storybooks celebrating their new status as a big brother or sister. Each customized book in I See Me's Super, Incredible Big Sister / Brother Series includes a medal proclaiming how incredible the older child is as an older sibling. Make adoption even more special with a keepsake they'll treasure forever!