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Gift Certificate

SKU #: GC150

Gift Certificate

SKU #: GC150

Be sure to select standard shipping at check-out. The fee that you pay in shipping will be added to the value of the gift certificate, so the recipient will not have to pay shipping on the book. Coupon codes can not be applied to gift certificates at checkout.



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Within a week, you'll receive an elegant gift certificate that you can wrap and give to the recipient. Or, we can mail the certificate directly to the recipient. It makes a perfect gift! Be sure to select standard shipping at check-out. The fee that you pay in shipping will be added to the value of the gift certificate, so the recipient will not have to pay shipping on the book.

Here's how it works:


1. Order the gift certificate for $34.95. When you check-out, select "standard delivery" as the shipping method, which will cost $7.95. Your total purchase price will therefore be $42.90, and you will receive a gift certificate valued at $42.90. This gift certificate will cover the cost of a $34.95 book (including the child's first and last names) plus standard domestic shipping.

2. A gift certificate will be mailed to the shipping address that you provide during check-out. It will arrive in approximately 1 week if shipped within the US. This gift certificate will include a gift certificate code.


1. Go to, and place any of our books into your shopping cart. Or you can call us at 1-877-744-3210 to redeem your code. Your code will cover the cost of 1 book valued at $34.95 (including the child's first and last names) and standard domestic shipping.

2. At check-out, provide your credit card and your gift certificate code when prompted for a promotional code. Be sure to include the @ sign at the beginning of the code. Click "apply," and the total amount of your purchase will be updated to show the purchase price net of the gift certificate amount. If the amount of the purchase is higher than the value of the gift certificate, the difference will be charged to your credit card. The gift certificate code is valid for 6 months from the date it was granted.

The gift certificates were designed for use in the U.S. only.


Product Reviews

gift giving working mom Review by Diane


It would be great if there were also a gift certificate available for first/middle and last name (vs. just first and last).

MRS. Review by Linda Davis


These are the most beautiful I have found today. Wish I had seen this site BEFORE ordering my older grandson's book.Thanks, you guys, you did great!

Godmother Review by Gloria


My godson could pick out his own book, great gift.

I Love I See Me! Review by Michaele Drew


I am very happy with the option to send a gift certificate. They received it just in time and can pick the book that they like the best!

Shower Gift Review by Carrie


I love the option that I was able to send a gift certificate for a personalized book as a shower gift. Once their baby is born, the new parents will be able to order their own personalized copy of a book using their new infants birthday and name. I love this idea and wish I had known about you before!!

gift certificate Review by sandra cassel


Was quite a hit at the recent baby shower..think you will be getting more orders as alot of special occasions coming up with the gang... baptism, birthdays, holidays and then there is the just because it's such a unique gift for that special child in your life..will be talking with you soon thanks again

Grandmother Review by Donna MacLaren


Happy to be able to purchase a gift certificate for a sprinkle shower. Have purchased My very own name for all the newborns that I give gifts to. Love all the books but feel these are very special

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