Memory Improvement Games for Kids

Memory improvement games have plenty of benefits beyond improving a child’s ability to recall items. Such games encourage focus, improve concentration, and encourage the development of a child’s cognitive skills. A good memory helps children in all aspects of life. Here’s five memory improvement games kids will want to play again and again.


Alphabet Kisses

You’re probably familiar with memory card games, where players match cards which are placed face down. Alphabet Kisses is a variation on this game. Write letters of the alphabet on bingo cards stickers, so you have two of each (you could use the entire alphabet, but that would mean using 54 kisses, which might be a few too many. Ten or twelve is a good number to start with).


Stick the bingo stickers onto the bottom of the kisses, mix them up, then arrange the candies in a square, with the stickers face down. Children take turns turning over two kisses to match letters, taking matched letters off the board. When all the letters are successfully guesses, players can eat the candy.


What’s in the Picture

One of the simplest memory improvement games, this game only requires a picture or photo. The picture could be of any subject, but should have plenty of detail and include many different items.


Children look at the picture for a minute or two, after which you remove it from sight. Ask kids to list all the items they can remember from the image and write down their answers. When they’re done, turn the picture over to see how many things they remembered.


What’s Missing?

This is the opposite of the last game. While What’s in the Picture asks players to remember as much as possible, What’s Missing asks them to identify what’s no longer there.


Arrange several items on a table—toys, kitchen items, pens, and other small items. Children examine the items for a moment, then turn their backs. You pick one item and remove it, then the kids guess what’s missing. Start with only a few items for younger children. For older kids, make the game more challenging by rearranging the items left on the table.


Online Memory Games

While you understandably want to limit your child’s exposure to the Internet, many family-friendly sites include memory improvement games and apps that can be played on mobile devices. With supervision, such games encourage memory growth.


Customized Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are classic memory improvement games. Children not only have to remember what the completed puzzle looks like, they have to consider where each piece goes, matching shapes and colors as they go. Encourage your child’s memory development with one of our customized jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle proudly bears your child’s name in its bright, cheerful illustration.

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