Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Top 25 I See Me Gifts

Wondering which personalized gift to buy for your child this Christmas? We’ve put together twenty-five of our most popular products in this kids’ gift guide, from long-standing favorites to some of our exciting new releases. This is more than a kid’s book gift guide—we’ve included gift sets for imaginative play, a new personalized board game for the whole family and, of course, beautifully-illustrated customized books to make your child’s holiday season even more magical than it already is! So, without further ado, here’s the I See Me kids’ gift guide for 2017!

My Very Own Christmas Book

Santa and his elves are decorating their Christmas tree by spelling out the name of the child who best represents the spirit of Christmas in My Very Own Christmas Book, a new personalized book for 2017. Each letter is delivered to the tree by one of Santa’s holiday friends, and at the end, they gather around the tree to light up your child’s name. Include your child’s first, middle, and last name, their birthdate, and their home town, and choose a light, medium or dark skin tone for Santa.


Race through the State’s Personalized Board Gamekids race across the state game

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather the family around a board game for some friendly competition and lots of fun. Race through the States is a new personalized board game that puts your family right on the board! Personalize up to six board game pieces with your family’s faces and race to see who can travel across America first on a game board that includes your family’s names in the artwork! A uniquely personalized keepsake, Race through the States will create lasting family memories.

My Night Before Christmas Personalized Book

How could we possibly make Clement Clarke Moore’s classic ‘Twas the Night before Christmas any more magical? Why, by putting your child right into the story of course! My Night Before Christmas Personalized Book is a beautifully-illustrated storybook with your child taking on the role of Moore’s narrator. Reading My Night Before Christmas could become a cherished Christmas Eve bedtime tradition, especially as your child’s name is clearly on Santa’s Nice list! Our My Night Before Christmas Personalized Gift Set includes the book, a Santa-themed personalized placemat, and a personalized photo ornament of your child.

Goodnight Little Me Storybookgoodnight little me gift

Create a calming bedtime ritual with the Goodnight Little Me Storybook, illustrated by the award-winning Mary GrandPrè. A good night parade of sleepy sheep, chirping crickets, and hooting owls march out of the book’s pages and straight into your little one’s sweet dreams as they spell out your child’s name. This gentle lullaby is a wonderful way for children to unwind at the end of a busy day.

My Very Own Trucks

Got a child who loves everything that runs on wheels? My Very Own Trucks presents a convoy of trucks and construction equipment to spell out your child’s name, with a fun-filled encyclopedia of vehicles at the back of the book. For an extra treat, choose the My Very Own Trucks Gift Set, which includes a personalized placemat and set of stickers in addition to the hardcover book.

My Very Own Name

A constant favorite among our customers, My Very Own Name Storybook celebrates your child’s special name. Rhyming animals bring the letters of the child’s first and last name—frog brings the F, the ladybug brings the L, and so on. My Very Own Name is perfect for pre-readers, who can learn to identify the letters of their name and associate letters with the different animals.

My Very Own Fairy Tale

Does the little girl in your life dream of fairies at the bottom of the garden? Show her how special she is with My Very Own Fairy Tale, a personalized book where the flower and berry fairies crown her as their own fairy princess! As they spell out their new princess’s name, the fairies describe positive character traits they see in your child.

Give your special princess something extra with the My Very Own Fairy Tale All-in-One Gift Set, which includes a coloring book based on the storybook and a pretty flower fairy wand for imaginative play.

We Go Together Like . . .

Commemorate childhood friendship with We Go Together Like . . ., a customized book made especially for two special readers. Each book celebrates the special bond brothers, sisters, and friends share, with the dynamic duo compared to popular word pairs like peanut butter and jelly, and sunshine and rainbows. You can customize the gender, skin tone, and hair color of each child. Give a copy of the book to each child for a lifelong remembrance of their adventures!

ABC What I Can Be!

A child can behold a bundle of potential. Will she be a doctor or a firefighter? An astronaut or a hairdresser? Delightful cartoon animals demonstrate a different career for each letter of the alphabet in our ABC What I Can Be! Personalized Book. Your child’s name appears on almost every page—in the doctor’s diploma, football player’s jersey, the veterinarian’s office door, and many other locations!

My Very Merry Christmas Board Book Gift Set

A Christmas story for younger kids, the My Very Merry Christmas Board Book Gift Set tells the tale of how the animals deliver a special note about your child to Santa and decorate a Christmas tree with the child’s name. The gift set includes a personalized Christmas coloring book and photo ornament.

Princess Personalized Book

Designed for the little princess in your life, our Princess Personalized Book describes a day in the life of a princess whose name, skin tone, hair color, and birthday are oddly familiar! Why, she even comes from the same home town as your own princess—do you think there might be some connection?

My Magical Snowman Personalized Coloring Book

The forest animals come together to build a snowman in My Magical Snowman Personalized Coloring Book—a snowman who comes to life with a special message just for your child. More than just a coloring book, this activity book includes a maze, matching, and counting games. The book has room for a printed dedication, and is printed on premium white paper for great coloring results.

My Farm Friends

One of the most popular of our many board books, My Farm Friends Personalized Book lets you upload a picture of your child’s face, which then appears in every colorful spread on the book. Your little farmer will love watching himself gather eggs, play in the pigpen, and ride horses through this busy, colorful farm. Like all our board books, My Farm Friends has durable, thick pages for exploring little hands.

Who Loves Me?

Love is the first gift you give your child, and it’s the one they’ll cherish the longest. In our personalized Who Loves Me? book, the child discovers all the family and friends who love her and how much love they have for her. This sweet lullaby offers six spreads to list all the people who love the child.

Hello World!

Do you know a family who’ll welcome a new baby this holiday season? Our Hello World! Personalized Board Book will delight parents and children alike, and makes a unique heirloom gift any child will treasure for years to come.

My Sing-Along Book with Personalized Music

What could be more fun for a child than being the star of his own book? How about hearing his name in a song? My Sing-Along Book and Personalized Music includes personalized lyrics for twelve classic children’s songs, with your child’s name featured in each song. The book comes with a CD and MP3 download of the personalized songs for hours of sing-along fun!

My Christmas Sing-Along Book and Songs

Inspired by the success of My Sing-Along Book, we decided to make the holidays extra special with My Christmas Sing-Along Book and Songs. Your child’s name is added to nine fun carols, including “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in this fun and festive book, which comes with a CD and Mp3 download of the personalized songs.

It’s Fancy to be Me

Teach your little girl about different cultures and people with the It’s Fancy to be Me Personalized Book. As your little girl jets around the world, she dresses up in clothing representative of the country she’s visiting and learns a little about each location. The delightful drawing of your little girl can be customized to match her hair color and skin tone. At the end of the book, of course, she discovers the fanciest thing to be is herself.

I Can Change the World

Give your child the gift of self-esteem with the I Can Change the World Personalized Book. He may be small, but your child can help change the world in all sorts of ways—being a good friend, doing chores, using good manners, and more. The book helps you develop your child’s willingness to give back to others—a message that’s important all year around!

My Little Book of Blessings

The winter holidays are a great time to remind your little one of her many blessings, no matter what your faith. The My Little Book of Blessings Personalized Book contains ten simple, sweet blessings about friendship, gratitude, and loving one another, all personalized with your child’s name.

The Super, Incredible Big Sister of Twins

Becoming the big sister of twins can be a bit overwhelming. Show your older daughter you know she’ll be the best big sister ever with The Super, Incredible Big Sister book, which includes a shiny award for being such a super sibling (My Super, Incredible Big Brother of Twins is also available).

My Very Own Pirate Tale

Head for the high seas and adventure with My Very Own Pirate Tale. A host of amazing sea creatures bring the letters of your child’s name to a pirate captain seeking a bold first mate. The creatures do such a good job that by the end of the tale, your little buccaneer is made an honorary pirate captain. You can choose the book alone, or give the My Very Own Pirate Tale gift set, which includes a personalized pirate’s bandana for your little swashbuckler to wear on his next adventure.

1-2-3 Blast Off with Me!

Countdown to outer space adventure with 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me! Upload a picture of your child’s face, and we’ll turn her into an astronaut in this delightful, sturdy board book. She’ll also become a firefighter, a deep-sea diver, and other exciting careers as she learns her numbers and colors.

A Christmas Bear for Me

A Christmas Bear for Me is perhaps our most-loved Christmas book. This gorgeous storybook tells the tale of how Santa brings your child a lovely teddy bear. The book comes with a six-inch Gund plush bear who matches the bear in the book, making the story even more personal for your little one. We also offer A Hanukkah Bear for Me, where the child receives her special bear on the eighth day of the holiday.

Find Me! Personalized Seek-and-Find Book

Rounding out our kids’ gift guide is our Find Me! Personalized Seek-and-Find Book. We’ll hide up to two different photos of your child in eleven playful pages of objects, as well as hiding his school name, street address, and state name throughout the book. Each page offers its own challenges for hours of mind-bending fun!