5 Special Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day isn’t about flowers (unless your little one picked them herself) or cards (unless the card’s hand-made). Mother’s Day is about showing how much you love Mom, whether it’s making her breakfast in bed, planning a special day, or presenting her with a hand-made gift she’ll treasure forever.

At I See Me, we know how special a customized gift is. With this in mind, we’ve collected seven gifts children can make (with a little guidance) that are sure to put a smile on Mom’s face. (And possibly a happy tear in her eye-you might want to have some Kleenex handy).

Memory Boxes

Mom’s going to get plenty of little treasures as the kids grow up, so why not give her somewhere to keep them? Find a sturdy box and decorate it with the kids. A memory box can be a carefully designed present plastered with pictures of the family and then lacquered, or it can be a glorious mess of color, glued-on seashells, glitter, and stickers. You know Mom best-which would she prefer?

Clay Footprints

This gift’s as fun to make as it is to receive. Have your child step barefoot into wet clay. Have some seashells or beads on hand to press into the clay. Once the clay dries, children can paint their “feet.” If you’re handy, you can do this yourself. If not, commercial clay hand and foot kits are available online and in craft stores.

Homemade Crowns

Mom’s queen for a day on Mother’s Day, so make her feel like it. Some construction paper, crayons, safety scissors, and a stapler or glue are all you need to make her a crown worthy of her royalty. Just be sure you’re the one using the stapler. Kids will get a kick out of “crowning” Mommy.

Decorate Picture Frames

Choose a plain picture frame and have the kids decorate it. Older kids who can handle a glue gun might use seashells, driftwood, and pebbles. Younger kids might use stickers or plaster it with colorful fingerprints. Add a really nice photo of the family, and you’ve got a lifelong treasure.

Pipe cleaner Bird Feeder

This is a neat little project for small children. It requires little preparation, doesn’t over extend your child’s patience, and has a cool payoff at the end.

Have the child thread Cheerios onto pipe cleaners, twisting the ends to make circles. Circles can be formed into hearts and looped together. Mom and child can hand the feeder outside and watch the local birds swoop in for their own Mother’s Day treat.

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