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How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Valentine’s Day offers so many ways to show how much you love your children—and plenty of opportunities to help kids show they love their friends and classmates. Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for kids is a fun way to commemorate the day.

We’ve got a bunch of Valentine’s Day ideas for kids, whether you’re hosting your own party for little lovebugs, helping with a Valentine’s Day activity at school, or just showing your little ones how much you adore them.

Hosting Your Own Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Holding your own Valentine’s Day party won’t be too difficult if you plan ahead. You’ll have to decide whether you want to hold the party on February 14th itself or on the weekend. And of course, it always helps to coordinate with other parents who are willing to help (and who may have Valentine’s Day party ideas you can use).

Decorations are easy: balloons, crepe paper, and hearts in pinks and red are easy to find. Start the party with a few Valentine’s Day-themed games, such as “Cupid Says” instead of “Simon Says” or Pin the Arrow on the Heart.

One of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for kids is to hold a cookie decorating party. Make a big batch of basic sugar cookies cut into heart shapes, and provide kids with pink, red, and white icing for decorations. Add some sprinkles, chocolate chips, and candies to the mix, and the kids can decorate cookies for each other or their families. Let the kids eat some of their artistic cookies, and send the rest home in loot bags.

After the cookies are made, wind things down with a game of Love Thy Neighbor. Kids sit in a circle with pencils and paper. You set a timer, and each child writes as many nice things about the friend to their right as possible. When the timer goes off, the children read what they’ve written. Young kids can just take turns saying nice things.

Planning a Valentine’s Day Party at School

School Valentine ideas should be fun, but also teach children something. If you have some Valentine’s Day ideas for kids, talk with their teacher ahead of time and offer to bring in a Valentine-themed treat for the day.

School Valentine ideas don’t need to be restricted to exchanging cards with schoolmates. Help with a Valentine’s Day craft such as making paper heart wreaths, or cutting out paper hearts to make frames for pictures of the children.

If crafts aren’t your thing, how about suggesting a Valentine’s Day school activity for a good cause, such as making a classroom care package for overseas troops, visiting a nursing home, or filling backpacks with school supplies for homeless children? Kids can also learn to write and send letters by writing and mailing love letters to their parents.

Celebrating YoMy Little Lovebug Valentine's Bookur Child on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to throw a party to show your little lovebug how much you love him or her. You can use these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids to make the day extra special.

Start the day with a big hug and a special Valentine’s Day surprise, like a special breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and cream. Slip a special treat into his lunch box, along with a note letting him know how much he’s loved. Make him feel even more special with the fourteen cute, personalized love notes in the My Little Lovebug collection.

After school, arrange a special date—just you and your little one. Whether you go to the zoo, have a meal out, or just play in the backyard, you’ll be making your child’s Valentine’s Day memorable. For bath time, add a little love by decorating the bathroom with craft foam hearts, and add one or two drops of red food coloring to the water to make it pink (go easy on the food coloring—you want to make the water pink, not the kid).

Finally, end your special day with a cuddle and a personalized bedtime story like My Little Lovebug, reminding him of the note you sent earlier in the day. A goodnight kiss and another big hug to end the day, and you’ve got yourself a loving, fun Valentine’s Day your child—and you—will remember for years to come.