Make a New Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

For a new mom or a mom on her first Mother’s Day, a keepsake gift is a perfect way to make her feel appreciated and special. After those exhausting first days and sleepless nights changing diapers, feeding at all hours, and living in sweat pants and pajamas, a new mom deserves a thoughtful gift that says ‘Thank You’ for all she does. Make this day one she will always remember with these perfect first Mother’s Day gifts.

Spa Day

Give a new mom a spa day or take her out to breakfast to rejuvenate. In those first few weeks, new moms can experience higher levels of stress and tension, both physically and emotionally. A calming, relaxing massage will give her some much-needed rest.

Professional Photo Shoot

This gift is a perfect way to capture those special first memories between mother and baby. These photos can be used for the baby’s baptism announcement, a family’s first Christmas card, and as a featured picture in the baby’s room.

Personalized Keepsake Books for Newborns

Personalized storybooks that feature your child’s name and photo throughout the story and illustrations are gifts that make both mother and child feel special. Lullaby books such as Goodnight Little Me will become a favorite nighttime read that soothes little ones before bed.  The Hello World! personalized board book is a perfect way to welcome a new baby to the family and makes a sweet first Mother’s Day gift, as well as a special baptism gift. If you are seeking more than a book, the Who Loves Me? storybook gift set comes with a lovie blanket embroidered with the child’s name. The book features the names of family members and friends who love the child, making this a treasured family gift. Years later, she can look back on these personalized baby books and relive precious memories with her child.


It may not be the most beautiful or glamorous gift, but bringing groceries to a new mom is a thoughtful and unexpected gesture. New parents will be spending most, if not all, of their time caring for their infant. And while they have likely stocked on the essentials, it’s fair to assume they can’t run to the grocery store every week to pick up special food for themselves. Along with the necessities, bring the new mom an indulgent dessert for a pick-me-up treat.

Coffee Gift Certificate

To power through the sleep deprivation, coffee is a must. A coffee gift certificate is a simple gift that will help her through the toughest nights.

Cleaning Crew

One of the best gifts you can give a new mom is a day off. Give her a clean house this Mother’s Day by arranging for a cleaning crew to appear at her house or purchase a gift card for a local cleaning service.

Mommy and Me Classes

These experiences provide important bonding time between mom and baby and help your infant build motor skills. There are a variety of classes for moms and babies, including mom and baby yoga, music and movement classes, and swim classes. Giving her a certificate for a series of these classes allows her to plan around her schedule and spend quality time with her new baby.