25 Summer Activities for Kids

The kids are out of school and full of boundless energy! Without the structure of school, you’ll want to schedule some fun summer activities and experiences that will get the kids outside and engaged in learning. These summer activities for kids will keep them occupied and entertained this summer!

  1. Visit a museum you’ve never been to before.
  2. Stop by a farmer’s market and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner.
  3. Go rock hunting and start a collection.
  4. Attend a children’s theater production and then put on your own play at home.
  5. Play mini golf.
  6. Put on your own puppet show, making the puppets yourselves and the stage out of cardboard.
  7. Visit the zoo.
  8. Start an art project or create a work of art in a coloring book, such as Color in the Treehouse with Me.
  9. Draw a race track out of chalk on your driveway and race toy cars.
  10. Go fishing at the lake.
  11. Take a road trip, within your state to a new place or across several states.
  12. Set up a slip and slide outside with the sprinkler.
  13. Dress up like pirates and go on a treasure hunt around your house or backyard. Find inspiration for your hunt with the personalized storybook My Very Own Pirate Tale—which comes with a pirate bandana so your kid can dress the part! 
  14. Present a box full of art supplies and have your kids create something new!
  15. Bike or walk to your local park and play at the playground. Maybe your child will make some new friends too!
  16. Play Duck Duck Goose and watch the ducks swim at a local lake or pond.
  17. See a free concert or movie in the park.
  18. Print off a list of storybooks, personalized books, or photo books and see how many you can read before the end of summer during family storytime.
  19. Have a backyard theme party, such as a luau or a fiesta with a taco bar.
  20. Hold a family game night and try a new game, like Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. with custom game pieces featuring the photos and names of your family members!
  21. Have a water balloon fight and invite the neighbors to join.
  22. Star gaze at night with your naked eye or use a telescope. Use a constellation book to identify star patterns.
  23. Go swimming at the pool.
  24. Ride the lawn mower with your kids, or teach them how to drive.
  25. Do something unexpected or spontaneous! Surprise your kids one morning with a trip to the amusement park. Take an evening drive to get ice cream (even if it spoils dinner!).