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DIY Advent Calendar Craft for Kids

Looking for a Christmas craft to do at home? Make your own advent calendar and count down the days to Christmas! This Christmas craft for kids is easy and fun to make. When your advent calendar is finished, you can enjoy it all of December. Hands-on activities like this advent calendar help children strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills and spark their creativity. Children’s crafts are sweet keepsakes—plus they make festive decorations for your house. This holiday craft is a great winter boredom buster, especially if the weather outside is frightful! Try this holiday craft with the whole family and have a very merry time crafting!

Make Your Own Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids!

Craft Supplies List:

  • Over the door shoe organizer with 24 pockets (if you don’t want to buy one, you can make one out of felt and hot glue)
  • Craft felt in red, green, yellow
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or stapler (adult supervision required)
  • Craft Paint
  • Craft decorations like glitter, stickers, buttons, and more!

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft Instructions:

To make your Christmas advent calendar, you’ll first need an over-the-door shoe organizer with 24 pockets. This can be plastic or cloth. Instead of buying one, you can make your own by cutting a large piece of felt and then sewing or gluing felt pockets onto the large piece. Have the child cut out 24 various Christmas shapes. Parents may want to trace the shapes out on the felt first, so kids can follow the lines. If the child is too young, parents can cut out the shapes in advance. Try cutting out trees, stars, circles (for ornaments), candy canes, and mittens.

Once you have your 24 shapes (large enough to fit onto the shoe organizer pockets), it’s time to write numbers on each one. Using craft paint, paint numbers 1-24 onto the shapes. Once the numbers are dry, decorate your felt shapes with glitter, stickers, and any other craft supplies you wish!

Glue or staple the shapes onto the shoe organizer pockets. Parents, this next part is for you: Add a secret little gift in each pocket. Here are some suggestions: chocolates, mini bags of trail mix, kids’ modeling clay, squishy toys, toddler-friendly play jewelry. You can also add little stocking stuffer gifts. Personalized ornaments, with the child’s name and photo, make sweet keepsakes. Once the child receives their special present, they can hang it on the tree! Stickers are also fun gifts. Just cut up a sticker sheet into squares and add them to some of the advent calendar pockets. Personalized stickers, featuring the child’s name, are especially exciting and fun to use!

When the advent calendar is finished, hang it on a door or use command hooks to hang on a wall. Kids will love counting down the days to Christmas, and discovering a little gift for every day in December! Have fun making this as a family and make lasting memories.